Sunday, August 03, 2008

Mitch's Update and my funny kids

Pictures from Mitch. I love this first one where he is obviously laughing. :) Mitch wrote me back with titles for the pictures:

"me using incorrect reference. Translation is tough already. Sasha (AJ) and I laughing because I told him Acts instead Romans. After he translated Acts, it not make sense. Scripture don't always translate, but when wrong book of Bible, never translate. Funny moment though. All laugh, break ice well. Told them AJ and I both nervous, together double nervous. "

"water man at day camp. Josh and I do sports on field, no water there. He brought water much often. Make me happy man to see him each time, because kids very thirsty. No water, no play."

"Team's attempt to lead Ukranian songs. Very funny also. We are making sign for flood rising. From fool/wise man building house on sand/rock. We kind of lead by watching children, backwards huh?"

Oh do I ever have a funny story to tell...but first, Mitch's update today:

Hey Girl,

Relaxing day today. Sleep in. Inventory supplies. Then took Pastor's family, translators, team out to lunch. Very nice eating place. Recreation of Ukranian village, 100 year ago. Water wheel, heavenly gardened with vines all over. Food upon food upon food. Tomorrow I speak in church, already sick with anxiety. You know that goes. I will be speaking good works. That they not gain salvation, but they are product of salvation. etc. We went see Lida tonight, at hospital. Sergey held up his new baby in the window for us to see, very beautiful. She is doing well, happy to see us. We exchanged gift with translators and family. Was happy/sad time. Kelsey, Josh, and I stay up 2 am last night learn Ukranian alphabet. I have sounds almost down now. Josh cannot roll tongue, we spend much time on floor laughing. Roma good teach sounds gutteral to us. I make video for kids to learn also. I hope see you soon. To God be Glory.

Mitch is probably speaking right now as I write this. Or very soon. :) So I'm praying as I write.

The calendar for Sunday says:
"Worshiping our Lord together. We will try to have the children from Day Camp come to church and be part of the service."
Psalm 141:1 Praise the Lord!For it is good to sing praises to our God;for it is pleasant, and a song of praise is fitting.

The calendar for Monday (in case I don't get to update, and since their trip will start in the middle of our night, we can be praying now):
"We will leave Horol and travel to Kiev today, as well as debrief at Center of Christian Life in Irpin. Pray for traveling safety."
Deut. 31:8 It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.


Now my funny kid story. Micah and Eden spent the night at Paul's house last night and spent the day today with him. They were up early this morning fishing. They got home just at bedtime. They had lots of stories for Caleb about cleaning fish and how gross it was and how he will have to do it if/when he goes fishing. The discussion continued on and on about how gross this is. Caleb was really trying to figure it all out. I was minding my own business (Mitch says I really should pay more attention to them) sewing. Suddenly something caught my ear:

Caleb: "Which is more gross? Cleaning the fish or kissing on the lips and touching your gums?"
Me: panic inside. I do not hear Eden's response. "WHAT?!?"
Kids: repeat Caleb's question
Me: blink, blink. their innocence is gone. "Where did you hear about that?"
Caleb & Eden: "At camp."
Me: so much for "Christian" camp.
Eden: "Caleb DID IT!"
Me: "TO WHO?"

Note: I'm about to pass out at this point. Eden's face, which is a little sunburned, is flushed. The kids are grinning sheepishly. I have assumed the worst (even if it really isn't all that bad).

Caleb: "The fish!" (like, duh, mom!)

I lost it. I was doubled over laughing. I said they needed to hurry REALLY fast and get in bed. I grabbed the phone and ran outside.

Who did I call?

Kristin, of course. She needed to know that Shiloh's future hubby is getting all practiced up on the fish!

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  1. ROFLOL!!!!! I am so glad I came to read the post even if I'd already heard the story... hehehe