Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pink Diaper

I did go sew a pink diaper. Isn't it beautiful? I'm auctioning it in my store. :)

And Mitch said it is ok to have a holy anger about abortion. We are FAR to complacent over this issue!


  1. steph, the diaper gorgeous!

    as for the anger... well, you are allowed that- but we all need to make sure our voices are heard so the anger works a purpose other than just inflaming our arteries. :)

  2. Oh, that's a pretty dipe!! I think I've officially chickened out on going cloth with this babe. :( I feel terrible about it, but I don't personally know anyone who's successfully CD'ed and I really really hate laundry and the thought of creating an entire stock of CDs when I may give up after a month or two. We burn or compost all of our trash so the sitting in a landfill thing isn't an issue. We'll see. Maybe I'll gain my courage back. I was so gung-ho to give it a try especially after seeing all the beauties you make.

    As for the anger about Obama's idiot ideas.... completely justified. It's been so hard this election because I'm not thrilled about either candidate. I miss Huckabee. :( Being the one issue voter that I am my choice is made for me, but I wish that McCain understood farmers better. But, I digress...

  3. You should definitely not feel bad if you don't cd! It is an overwhelming prospect to take on, especially on your own! We can certainly still be friends even if you don't use cloth, LOL. =D Seriously, given the beautiful things that you are gifted to be able to sew, your child will be stunning whether in cloth or sposies!

    I totally echo your sentiments about Obama and McCain. What a tough election year! Mitch says we all need the wake up call either way. God is sovereign!