Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Daycare, Homeschool, and Josh's Birthday

While we use almost our entire house for daycare (except my sewing room, obviously), the downstairs family room is our main "play area". We have LOTS of books for the kids of all ages.

Toys are organized very neatly so they are easy to clean up and it doesn't look like a disaster area. We simplified our toy stash over the past year and now have the main basics. We have a lot of Fisher Price Little People toys--those are big hits with the preschoolers. But we also have legos, cars, balls, stuffed animals, dress up toys, dolls, a box of toy animals (the plastic variety), and so on.

Our office area is now the school room. It's not big enough as our family grows, but it works great for now...and we can certainly spread out around the house as needed, too.

Lots of books here, too--more of the "educational" or "adult" varieties.

1st day of school pictures...Micah is 11 yo and in 5th grade.

Caleb is 7.5 yo and in 2nd grade

Eden is 9 yo and in 4th grade.

Mitch is doing most of the teaching duties this year.

Zeke is almost 5 yo and in Preschool.

They are using all Abeka curriculum, even Zeke.

Josh is 3 years old now! What a spitfire! We celebrated his birthday on Monday.


  1. I am so glad to see that you are using the book cases still. I read Micah's note, and it would seem that he has chosen to send Eden to a great Missionary field at least. It is very funny. Everything is okay here, just really tired. Still trying to get over Monday. You all take care, Love and miss you much!!

  2. Might want to think about rewording your "adult" book line. LOL