Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Where I've been hiding

What? You didn't miss me?? Well, I have been hiding. Behind the pages of a well-loved story. Currently I find myself stuck with Frodo and Sam on the stairs of Cirith Ungol in The Two Towers, but I finished reading The Fellowship of the Ring over the weekend. This is my third or fourth time through the series. I don't know why I love them so much and find it easy to devour them in such a short period of time. This is even a borrowed set...I'm thinking I should replace the set with a new one to the lender. :)
I haven't been feeling the greatest. Somehow curling up on the couch and losing myself in the familiar pages helps me to forget.

One day shortly after I had taken my prenatal vitamins I felt my stomach lurch. Mitch was in the kitchen with me and a gate was up to keep babies out. I knew I wasn't going to make it out of the kitchen. I grabbed an animal cracker and choked it down as I willed my body not to give in to the nausea. I jumped the gate, and darted for the bathroom. Yet another gate and a child-proof door knob cover stood in my way. I managed to lose the animal cracker but not the vitamins. Upon returning to the kitchen I got to hear a stunned Caleb ask his daddy, "Why does Mommy keep taking the vitamins if they make her sick?" It was a funny question and Mitch didn't really know how to answer. I said, "because my fingernails look so good now!" And they do...see? Even my Dad would be proud. :)

Still no Pepsi for me, and my red water bottle is my best friend. It's always best with ice in it. Choking down lukewarm water is just no fun. If only the bottle were blue...now that would be something!

The secret is safe so far. I'm not showing yet. At least not until I put on yoga pants and let my tummy muscles relax! Ha!

Tonight we went to see Mitch's Grandma who lives in the assisted living facilities near here. It was a pleasure to bring all the kids in there and receive the smiles of all the residents. We brought Grandma a bag of homemade chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. We asked her if she wanted to share. She was emphatic--NO. :) When we left she said "I can't promise I'll remember all your names." I said, "That's ok--just don't forget there are cookies!" She asked us what she owed us for the cookies. Mitch said a hug is all. I said after all the cookies and caramel rolls she's given us over the years we are quite indebited.

After a brief and gracious "Indian Summer", Minnesota seems to have finally realized autumn is here. The weather has turned cooler and it has been raining a lot more. Our lawn is giving out one more burst of green and the grass is growing tall and thick. The days are noticeably shorter. Minnesota is so generous with it's long summer days. On July 4th it's barely dark enough for fireworks by 10 pm. We pay for it in December though! Already it's pretty dark out by 7:30 pm, earlier if the sky is overcast.

Oh yeah, I also wanted to brag that I am the queen of writing blog posts in my head and never getting them on the computer. Yep. Interesting and funny ones, too. You'd better keep reading. I might actually post a couple of them one of these days!

It's time for me to go catch up with Frodo and Sam. Micah will be joining us tonight. He loves to read along and then watch that part on the movies. I like the movies less and less each time I read the books. But it can't be helped. No cinema could really do it justice. Watching the movies did give me a starting point to understand the language and get some of the characters straight. It is a beautiful story.

But there is a real story that is much more beautiful...found in the Bible.


  1. I've never read Tolkien's stuff. I know, "Where have you been, Jami?!" lol I checked Silmarillion out from the library last Friday and have been trudging through it. It's quite boring yet, but a friend suggested I get the background before I plunge into LOTR. I've never seen the movies either, so it should be quite the experience for me, I think.

    Good luck fighting the nausea. I only upchucked once with one of my kids, but the nausea was present for 3-4 months during each pregnancy, and often I wished I COULD upchuck. No fun at all.

  2. #7 and you're still flat as a pancake, that's just wrong! My vitamins make me sick too. :(

    So glad that you've been able to find an escape in reading. I've never seen the LOTR movies or read the books. My husband insists that I must, but the snippets I've seen have bored me to sleep. I've been devouring Karen Kingsbury and Lori Wick like nobody's business though. I'm a sucker for a sappy romantic novel.

    I'm so happy that fall has arrived here in MN!! Nothing beats sleeping with the windows open and blankets piled high on a cold autumn night.

  3. Wow, Jami, Silmarillion...that is a big undertaking! And a great suggestion too--I haven't read it yet, but didn't think to borrow from the library. Our city just opened a new library. The old one had terrible parking. The new one is much better. I will have to send Mitch (and the kids--ha!) to fetch the book for me!! :)

    No worries, Courtney, we can still be friends! LOL. Lord of the Rings is definitely not for everyone. In fact, I'm not really sure how I got sucked in to it either. Normally I stray far from fantasy. Maybe it was Elijah Wood's startling blue eyes (as Frodo) or the diamond-in-the-rough Viggo Mortensen (as Aragorn)!! =D Actually I think it was born from curiosity of the link between Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. I can't say I'm a big literature fan at all, least of all poetry (and there's a fair amount of it in the LOTR books). Sigh. I'm definitely hooked though!

  4. I challenge your claim as queen of well-thought-out-but-unwritten-posts. I think that title is mine... LOL

    As for the "vitamins", take them at night right before you go to bed! That way, you get to sleep through the nausea-inducing part. Always worked for me! My biggest problem is the horrible gag reflex (that gets worse with every pgcy and has now started following me OUT of pgcy) whenever a pill hits my tongue. Blech!

    I'm with Courtney on the "just wrong" thing. Of course, I never have a stomach that flat -- not once in my life! I give you about 6 weeks (maybe 10) and you'll be thinking, "What just happened!?!" and "Where did my feet go?" LOL

    Can't wait to see you tomorrow night!