Thursday, October 09, 2008

Fireproof, part 2

Tonight we went to the open house at the Waite Park Fire Department. We had a blast and got some great pictures. We picked up goody bags full of stickers and coloring books, plus we enjoyed free hot dogs and pop. Click on the pictures to see full-size versions.

Mitch and Malachi

I liked the big ladder truck the best. The ladder reaches to 100 ft. Malachi put his hat on my head and thought that was hilarious.

The kids had a blast climbing inside to check out stuff. Amazing how many kids you can shove inside!

The trucks looked awesome. Caleb asked how long it takes to clean/scrub them. The fireman we were talking to said that when everyone helps it doesn't take long at all. They had worked hard--everything was sparkling inside and out!

Josh looks so small in front of the looming truck!

Josh, Eden, Zeke, Micah (in front), Malachi, and Caleb

Caleb in the driver's seat. Eden took a turn after him.

Zeke took a turn and I was nervous the whole time. I didn't trust him not to touch the buttons, but he did great and kept his hands in his lap!

Caleb, Josh (in front), and Micah
Since Josh is so happy (his notorious "I'm happy" face in the picture above), I'll tell a funny story about him. Yesterday Mitch went into his room where he was supposed to be taking a nap. He was not in his bed. Mitch said (in his stern daddy voice), "Josh, get in bed." A tiny reply came from under the bed, "I am in bed. I'm invisible." LOL

Josh is a smart cookie. On Sunday he was mindlessly chattering to himself and I perked up my ears to hear him saying, "One-day, Twos-day, Threes-day, Fours-day..." That was pretty darn cute too. Even though we send him to nap during "preschool" time for Zeke and 5yo daycare child, he is studying hard in the other parts of the day and doing a great job learning his letters. :)

When Josh is whining we will send him to his bed and say, "We'll see you when you're happy." So when he finally gets over it and comes back out we will ask him, "Are you happy now?" And that's the face he gives us and says, "I'm happy." Sometimes when we send him to bed for nap time he'll try coming back out in a few minutes with his face on. It's hard not to laugh. My insides melt every time. :)

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