Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Man, do I wish this were in the theater in St. Cloud!! It's not, sadly. :( It would be a great date night, but we can NOT afford the gas money to drive all the way to the cities. Sigh. Oh the long wait for video release! Maybe it will be in a city near you. I listen to the Way of the Master Radio all the time and they have plugged this movie big time. We loved the movie Facing the Giants done by the same people, so I'm sure this is a great movie. I groaned at the reviews written on Rotten Tomatoes (why oh why do I even bother to go read critics when I can't handle it?? LOL). Regardless of what those hardened by the world think, this movie is going to change peoples' lives and marriages!!


  1. Whoa... I love it! I'll have to see if it's playing here, although I doubt it!

  2. Both of my parents read the book(dad's a professional firefighter so he especially liked it) and then they went to see it last night in Mankato. While they liked the movie, the book was much much better. So, since you can't go see it, pick up the book at WalMart! Dad left the book at the fire station and several of the other guys have read it since. This is really awesome since there are so many non-Christians there. One of them called him this morning to say thanks a lot. He had picked it up last night and wasn't able to put it down until it was done... at 3am this morning! He was going to take it home to let his wife read it. What a blessing!!