Thursday, October 23, 2008

More Sewing

I have been at my machine again. Editing patterns and modifying styles and in general having a good time. This time I took my shirt pattern and made a few edits. First, I shortened it. It also has darts in it, which are really unnecessary especially in a knit fabric. These two prints are two of my all-time favorite diaper prints. Yep, they are diapers. I got the fabric down in the cities at S.R. Harris, but only bought 1 yard of each and quickly sold out. Recently a diaper friend who lives in town went to the cities and stopped at the fabric nuthouse and bought me 2 more yards of each. I feel a *little* guilty not using it on diapers, but not too bad. And I still have scraps of each for a couple diapers!

On the purple stripe one I didn't remove the darts, but I did remove the stitching--so it puckers a little back at the sleeve (where the dart is permanently sewn in), but otherwise looks fine. I took some excess fabric out of the back to make the back narrower than the front and hopefully remove some of the barn-size drape. Also, you just can't do facings with knit fabrics. On the last shirt I made, I tried just hemming the neckline. On this one I made a binding from the same fabric and sewed it on (*sort of* like bias tape, only not cut on the diagonal). Ha--I just realized that when I did this, I didn't cut off the seam allowance from the neckline. I suppose the neckline looks just fine how it is!

On the blue stripes one I edited the whole dang pattern and took out the darts. Yay me! It was a little scary because it messes with the sleeve/arm opening. But I wiggled the pattern around and finally just decided to "risk it". It worked. And really you can't tell a difference between the two. I think it still looks a little too drapey. But I'm too chicken to make it tight-fitting. I do, after all, want it to fit well when I'm 8.5 months pg. And chances are that I'll never wear them when I'm this small (since I can still wear regular clothes).

But I'm making some progress in the tummy area too. For your viewing pleasure (laughter), here is my new 13-week tummy I'm sporting. First in "regular" (ahem-that would be the next size up and stretchy) jeans, trying to be a little artsy with my photographs:

Second is a new maternity pants tummy style that I've made. I copied this idea from a popular new pants that actually has a patent pending (ooooooohhh--not too surprising from me, huh?). It is a nylon-lycra fabric all the way around. It is SOOOOO comfortable. And a good fit even now. I swear every time I try these on I do NOT want to take them off. I have plans to make MORE. :) Hehe.

And don't forget to read the post about Zeke below!


  1. Your secret fit belly pants look sooo comfy!! Have you ever thought of making those belly band things out of the lycra that make it look like you've got the layered look going when your regular tees start getting too short? Where'd you get that lycra stuff anyway? I'd like to make a couple belly bands for after the baby. I think they'd be great for nursing so I'm not baring my back/side/jello belly when I lift my shirt.
    Your little bump is getting awful cute. :)

  2. Steph, those shirts look awesome! You did a fantastic job. I love those prints too. Very cool :0) Smiles, Heidi