Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The proverbial cat...

...is out of the bag! Just a quick post to let ya know that we dropped some pretty significant hints to the kids last night and they finally figured out that baby #7 is on the way! Oh my...we were rolling our eyes at their naivete. Finally Micah was the bright one to come right out with the question, "Are you pregnant?" I replied, "Go ask your dad." Of course, Mitch was NO help at all, giving them totally post-modern cyclical answers. :) So they came back to me, and I got the bright idea to tell them to "Call Kristin and ask her." They did and didn't get much more info out of her (though we put her on speaker phone and had a good old time laughing). So in the midst of this we were sitting down to supper and we went around the table and prayed, youngest to oldest, just like always. Mitch closed his prayer with "Keep Mom and the baby safe. Amen." To which Caleb immediately replied (and this is priceless especially after spending at least the past 45 min on the topic of whether I am pg or not), "Dad, do you really think it's going to snow this week? What day is it supposed to snow on?" I looked at Mitch, who looked at me and cracked a smile, then I belted out laughing. After a horrendous pause, Micah (the brilliant 11 yo) says, "Guys, Dad just told us that Mom is pregnant!" LOL. About 30 seconds later the phone rang. It was Kristin calling to tell us what had happened at their supper table. Her brilliant oldest had said, "Steph can't be pregnant, we were just there on Friday and she wasn't." (You know, I wasn't *showing*). So we spent the rest of the evening blasted with questions and lots of cheers and overall excitement. Today in the midst of a rebellious streak (over not wanting to do dishes), Caleb was making plans to run away (Mitch was helping him, LOL) and his plans included coming back when the baby is born...didn't want to miss that big event! So in other words, they (the ones that have a clue) are all very excited. They are also thrilled about finding out the gender at Christmas. It's a great milestone to give them. Ok, so my "quick" post turned into a long post that is devoid of necessary paragraph breaks. I apologize for my poor journalism and hope it hasn't turned you off! That's it for now. :)


  1. He, he... There was no way I was going to tell them what you wouldn't give them a clear answer to! LOL Thankfully, Eden didn't ask me if you were pregnant... she said "Do you think my mom could be pregnant?" "Sure! It's possible..." LOL

    Glad they finally know, 'cuz I was having a hard time remembering not to say things around MY kids so it wouldn't get back to YOUR kids.

    Last night was great when you stopped over and Alex still said "No" when you asked about whether or not he thought you were pregnant. LOL I *thought* I'd made it pretty clear at the table the other night that you ARE. Boys... (said while rolling eyes and shaking head). LOL