Friday, November 14, 2008

Another Hink Pink

So here are some fun ones we came up with one day when trying to give the kids clues that I was pregnant (they didn't take the hint):

What do you say to a woman who might be pregnant?

Maybe Baby

What do you say if you hope if the baby is a girl?

Think Pink

What do you say if the baby is a boy?

Boohoo Blue

I'm kidding of course. I had my 16-week doctor appt. yesterday. I had gained 4.8 lbs since my last visit, and 11.2 lbs total to weigh 133.something. It's a little more than I wanted to, but what else can I do? I'm probably not going to give up my high-calorie snacking ways. I gave up Pepsi, what more can I say??? :) My blood pressure was low as always, 110/60. She asked how I felt (everyone asked how I felt), but honestly I was so happy to be there and hear the heartbeat that I was feeling great at the moment. I have been feeling exhausted, still a little nauseous especially in the evenings (right at supper time--oh goody), and having frequent headaches. I asked the doctor if it's alright to be taking tylenol 2-3 times per week and she thought I was going to say 2-3 times per day. Yeah, per day would be a little too much. Per week is ok, she said. I said, you know, you read so much and then it is contradictory and then you just sit and worry. Frustrating. I already know that the headaches are due in part to increased blood volume and that is also affecting my sinuses. It's also due in part to the on again-off again Pepsi thing I've got going on (I do allow myself about one per week, and then drink it over a 2-day span). Oh, am I rambling on? Should I get on with it already??

The baby is still a stinker. I barely heard the heartbeat before lots of static and then my own heartbeat. The doctor kept trying to find it, moving all over, and we'd briefly and unclearly hear it before it would be gone again. Finally she found it. It was 145, 146, then 147 bpm. It was really, really low in my uterus! The fun part was that I got to schedule my 20-week ultrasound. It's going to be on December 12th. Hopefully Mitch will get to come, since I scheduled it after daycare is over.

Since I keep detailed records, here is some fun trivia for you comparing my pregnancy with Eden (my only girl) to my pregnancy with Malachi. In the other pregnancies I went to a doctor that did not tell me the heartrate, so I only know theirs from the ultrasounds.

Eden at 17 weeks:
Gained 7 lbs so far to weigh 118.
Blood pressure: 110/55
Heartrate: 136 bpm

Malachi at 17 weeks:
Gained 4 lbs so far to weigh 129.4 lbs
Blood pressure: 98/40
Heartrate: 140s
I had a very itchy rash all over my legs and nothing seemed to work. It got better later with good lotion, but it was still there until I had him.
This pic is technically 18 weeks, but it's the closest one I have. The next closest is 20 weeks.

And today's (16 w 4 day) belly shot,I need to brush my hair so I cropped out my head! Mitch is a good stand-in, right?:

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  1. Wow, from the heart rate it suggests boy...but I am going to stick to my GIRL preciction!!!
    Your belly is so cute! Mine is HUGE some days!! I still have just under 15 weeks to go!! I can't wait to hear what you find out at your u/s!