Saturday, November 01, 2008

Auto Pilot

It is totally normal to have weird dreams while you are pregnant. I really have some interesting ones! My dream last night left me with a somber thought.

I dreamed I was going home from somewhere, in the truck, with just the youngest 3 children: Zeke, Josh, and Malachi. I was driving along a 4-lane road that is undivided and the speed limit is 35 mph. In my dream I realized Malachi still needed to be buckled in, so I put the truck's cruise control on, then climbed back into the seat next to him and proceeded to buckle him in. Next I realized that traffic in front of the truck was moving slower than I was. I *slightly* bumped the car in front of me (which happened to be Mike Gewecke's car, if you recognize that name! Sorry Mike!!) and the truck veered into the left-hand lane where traffic was moving along a little quicker. Suddenly the road we were on was not the same road, but that doesn't matter in a dream, now does it? Neither did curves, since the truck seemed to be taking those just fine too. I climbed back into the driver's seat just in time to slam on the brakes (good brakes) as the cars in front of me stopped to make a left turn. Such a weird dream. And it seemed so logical in my sub consciousness.

Now here's the somber thought: How many of us parents go through life on auto pilot? We don't know how to handle the tough issues that our kids face, especially as they head into adolescence, therefore we close our eyes and hope they make it through just fine? As Micah nears 12 years old, I've been reading every book I can find on the subject. We absolutely can NOT afford to close our eyes and pray they make it through ok. While prayer should be central to raising our children, we need to be MUCH more proactive than that! Two books I recommend (one I have read and the other I am reading) are:
Parenting Today's Adolescent by Dennis & Barbara Rainey
A Chicken's Guide to Talking Turkey with Your Kids About Sex by Kevin Leman and Kathy Flores Bell
A book I want to read is Preparing for Adolescence by James Dobson (going to check my library for that one!).

In other news, I worked last Friday on making a pattern for a maternity cami (under shirt), with Kristin and Tami's help. Kristin was actually wearing a cami and I made her put on one of my shirts so I could trace hers. The first cami I made turned out too big for me (we were all laughing), so I passed it on to Kristin and modified my pattern. The next one had a critical design flaw, but still works good enough. The third time was the charm and it turned out *perfect*. I have a picture on my camera, but I'm too lazy to upload it right now. Kristin is the proud owner of the cami that turned out too large. I love this cami because it's very fast and easy to sew. Very fast. It's perfect for me because I'm always cold, especially in the winter time, and that makes it a perfect under layer--plus it will cover my expanding belly all the way to 9 months.

I'm still feeling pretty sick. Last weekend I was stuck on the couch and in bed all weekend, except for a trip out to the store. This weekend I have been doing some scrapbooking for the first time in MONTHS and thoroughly enjoying it. I finally finished Josh's (yes, Josh's) baby album. That means I have, oh, 5.5 months to finish Malachi's if I want it done before the next baby comes and erases all memory. I have my family albums caught up through 2005. 2006 pictures are printed, but sitting in a bag waiting to go. I'd love to get completely caught up before baby comes, but that's pretty improbable. I am crocheting Malachi a baby blanket (never did that either), and it's my goal to have it finished by December, before the big ultrasound. Then when I find out the gender of this baby I can start making a new blanket. Ideally I'll finish the blanket before I bring the baby home, unlike with Malachi when I was just plain tired of crocheting!!


  1. The Rainey's book and Dr. Dobson's book have the same name?

  2. You're funny. Similar but not the same:
    Preparing for Adolescence
    Parenting Today's Adolescent

  3. I had them put in wrong, but I've got it right now. I think. LOL

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  5. I like Dr. Kevin Leman too. I met him when helping him produce his video series "Value Packed Parenting."

    Since then, I've supported his efforts to make parenting easier by devoting a blog to his video series.
    Watch a short clip from Making Children Mind without Losing Yours
    or "Making Marriage Work."

    I think his latest book release "How to Have a New Kid by Friday" is good too.