Saturday, November 22, 2008

Birthday Soon...

It's going to be my birthday soon (next Saturday), and you know I DO like to celebrate a little. I've been joking for a few years now that I'll be 29 forever, therefore every year (since #29) we celebrate my "golden birthday". This year is no exception.

The emails are already rolling in. I was surprised by my inbox this morning and I had to chuckle. So many people wanting to wish me a Happy Birthday, and they're all a little early!! So here are some of the well-wishers:

Old Country Buffet: Free buffet with the purchase of an adult buffet
Perkins: Free slice of fresh-baked Perkins Pie for you AND your spouse with the purchase of an entree
Red Lobster: $5 off two adult dinner entrees
Arby's: Free regular roast beef sandwich with the purchase of a medium fry and drink at full price
Another still to come from Cold Stone Creamery: a free very small ice cream in a bowl (no additional purchase necessary)...I know this one is coming because we have everyone in the family signed up for it and thus have made a few runs to CSC this year.

I had NO idea I had signed up on so many websites. Goodness!! (No wonder I get so much spam mail, too, huh?).

The one I'm most looking forward to requires no email--it's a free entree from Mexican Village, and that includes fried ice cream for dessert. THAT is the best value out there, in my opinion. I can already taste the Durango with their special fundida sauce now. Or just thinking about the free chips and salsa makes my mouth water. :) I hope Mitch gets a sitter--to take advantage of this great deal we have to go on my actual birthday. I've been looking forward to it ALL year!! Hehe.

So anyways. I thought I would put this out there as sort of a funny and also if you see any thing up there that *you* would like for your birthday, go sign up!

Oh--here's another freebie, albeit a one-time thing and not a birthday thing--Dr. Pepper is giving away a free 20 oz pop to every person in the US. To get a coupon, you have to log on on Sunday (Nov. 23) to their website. It will only be there for 24 hours. You can read the story on Fox News. Or visit the Dr. Pepper website here. think Pepsi would send such a loyal customer a free 20 oz pop on her birthday...

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