Saturday, November 01, 2008

Gender Poll

For fun I put a gender poll in the sidebar. I hope to find out the gender of the baby in early December, but the ultrasound is not scheduled yet so I'm not sure exactly when. It will definitely be fun to see what you guess. Come on, lots of guesses please!! :)


  1. I said twins

  2. I said boy simply because you've had five of them. Also I'll say though that I'm notoriously wrong. Ask any of my friends with kids.

    And your blog about your dreams... I'm not pregnant and I had a wild one last night. Dreamed I had a 6-pound baby girl and when we were heading home, the nurse wrapped her up like a piece of meat. Placed her on a styrofoam plate and wrapped her with plastic wrap. My only comment was "How are we going to get her in her carseat?" Bizarre.

  3. I voted for girl!!

    Could you help me...What is PUL fabric? Can I get it at JoAnn's or where do you get it from? What is it called in the store and how much per yard does it cost?
    Thanks, if you would leave the answer on a post in my blog I would really apprciate it!! Pam

  4. Stephanie,
    Thank you for getting back to me so quickly!! I really appreciate all of the information!