Friday, December 12, 2008

If this baby is a boy...

Hehe, you get a 2 for 1 deal today!! I was thinking in the shower this morning. So excited...only 9 hours to go. Anyways, I was thinking in the shower today of ways to encourage myself and get myself in a good mood. That way I can take the news, boy or girl, and be happy with it.

If this baby is a boy...

I love the names Silas and Manasseh
I have some blue yarn that I *love* to make a couple hats for him
I make cute boys
He will be able to put up with Malachi beating up on him
I have lots of "banned hazardous substances" (ie: lots of boy clothes) to pass on

If this baby is a girl...

We have a pretty major name dilemma, but a few names that we love: Hannah (my brother is planning to use this one in February, hence the dilemma), Shoshana, Tirza, and my favorite, Genesis
I have some pink yarn, and have my eyes on some more
I have two newborn outfits with hats already made
I'll be over-the-moon excited to have my first girl in 10 years
Eden will be over-the-moon excited to have a sister
So will Caleb, Zeke, and Josh, who are all rooting for a girl
I gave up my girl clothes a long time ago and only saved a few special I'm beginning to doubt my ability to buy second-hand.

I can't wait!!!


  1. I know this was absolutely not the point of your post, but I'm thinking the fact that you were showered before posting at 7:18 is darn impressive.

    Back to the point... I love the name Silas!
    Audrey was almost a Hannah, very cute. I'm definitely with you though, Genesis is a beautiful name! Maybe it's symbolic and she'd be the beginning of a long string of girls for the Theis family. ;)

    If this babe isn't a girl, I have some scientifically proven ways to insure one next time. ;) Worked twice for me.

    Regardless of gender, praying for a HEALTHY mama and baby!!

  2. I am sitting over here on pins and needles waiting to know if I'm going to be an aunt or an uncle. LOL Praying that all goes well today! :)Hugs, Heidi

  3. How exciting. Finding out the sex is such a fun part of pregnancy!

    Btw-I really like two of your side bar things. The one about the gun and the one asking if you're good enough. I'm also a part of the blog roll. I think they would be a great addition to my blog would you mind if I used them as well?

    God bless, Pam

  4. Hey Pam, you can definitely take those links/pictures from the sidebar!! :)