Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This is gonna be long. Sorry.

When I logged in, I realized that my last post was my 300th post. What a fun milestone! I love blogging. It's like a journal where I can share the bests (and sometimes worsts) in life with the world. I especially love connecting with friends and family who are far away (as well as making new friends).

We had a blessed Christmas, and we hope you did too. This year for advent our family read the book "Jotham's Journey." It is an excellent story, and I highly recommend it. You can read more about it here. We borrowed it from the church library, then bought our own copy at for a mere $8.79. There are two other books in the trilogy, but they are very hard to get right now (and quite expensive). Hopefully they will be reprinted soon.

The Sunday before Christmas was a special program day at church. I am in the choir, and we had worked hard on some special songs to sing for the service. One of the songs was a new favorite of mine, "Night of Silence." Kind of a lullaby feel to it. :) Yeah, I'm a girl. Between the two services was our Sunday School program, where each of the kids sang with their classes. Micah was being "such a boy" and refused to sing with his class. :P

We enjoyed snow storm after snow storm for the entire month of December, each time followed by unreasonably low temperatures which ensured the snow stayed for the holiday. By the time Christmas Eve arrived, we looked like we were in a winter wonderland for sure.

On Christmas Eve we went to the service at church. It was beautiful, and fun. When we came home we opened presents that were a gift from a very generous family at church. We were humbled by their care and concern for our family and they way they blessed our children!

We went to bed with strict instructions for the kids to wake us up Christmas morning. Imagine my surprise when I heard Micah's voice at a bright and cheery 4:17 am. "Mom, Malachi has a poopy diaper, and Eden woke everyone up already." Um....NO. It's not happening kiddos. So Mitch did diaper duty and put everyone back to bed. We got up again at a more humane hour of 7:00 am. :) We all took turns holding baby Jesus (a doll that shows up every Christmas morning) and hearing the Christmas story together. After opening the rest of our presents, we spent the very little time left cleaning and baking for Christmas dinner. A little after 11 am family started arriving. It was my joy and honor to host Christmas dinner. On a normal basis I couldn't care less about cooking. It's not my favorite. But hosting is a whole different story. I made a turkey and a ham. Everyone brought dishes to share. We enjoyed games and stuff late into the evening.

We barely had time to breathe before having some old SCCS friends over on Friday evening. I went shopping earlier Friday hoping for some good deals. Let me tell ya--if you didn't go out--I was disappointed. No steep discounts (according to my standards) to be found. But then, maybe I didn't look hard enough! I did buy some yarn for the baby's blanket finally and bought a crochet book with baby bootie patterns. I then proceed to stay up until 4 am (yes, that is not a typo!) crocheting. I made two pair of booties and got started on the blanket.

Oh, that reminds me! In the past week I have also crocheted a blanket, which I gave to my inlaws for Christmas. It was beautiful. I definitely broke my own record for completion time and size.

Mitch's sister Hope and her "daughter" arrived on Friday to stay with us for a little while. We still have to work out the details. But for now Eden has a new best friend. Hope has full guardianship. Selena is sweet as honey and almost exactly one year older than Eden. She also has type 1 diabetes. So I'm learning a LOT about that. It's a lot to learn. More to come later...for now we're just loving her...and maybe, just a little, getting some experience with what it means to foster care or adopt.

On Saturday good friends from the cities stopped in to spend the night. We had another late night of playing games, chatting, and, of course, crocheting! Two more pair of booties made. We were naughty Christians and skipped church the next morning to be with our friends. We don't take this lightly...the number of times we have done it are few and far between. But it was good fellowship all around in spite of our heathen ways! :)

Monday and Tuesday went by in a blur. I'm hanging on every moment waiting for my friend Kristin to go into labor. I can't wait, and hope I am blessed to attend the birth! I got tired of waiting and called her up yesterday and asked if I could come over to hang out "just because." Of course she said yes. So I plodded along (in the aftermath of yet ANOTHER snow storm adding to the piles) and we got another pair of booties made. 5 pair and not a single picture yet. At least I'm getting my money's worth out of that little book!

Tonight is our big New Year's Eve party. I've been looking forward to this almost more than Christmas. It will be with all our best friends, many of them from the same church. Our house will be teeming with more people and children than I can count. I have a lot of stuff left to get done!! And I'm sitting here blogging!! Hand slap.

In all this, I am feeling great. The baby is getting stronger and stronger. My placenta is in front this time, probably the first time ever, and I don't feel as many movements. But it's getting better. I've finally calmed down some about the time passing so slowly. LOL. Now it will speed up, I just know it.

Gotta run...more later...and a picture slideshow too!


  1. Sounds like you have all been very busy! Good to know that you have been enjoying this holiday time.
    Thanks for the update on Kristin, I was just wondering yesterday if she'd had her baby yet.
    Have a blessed new year!!

  2. Can't wait for the pictures!

    As for the booties... I'll make sure I get some great shots of them on a model :)

    BTW, I'd love for you to take pictures again and thought if you'd be more comfortable taking them with your camera rather than mine, that would be great.

    And, as you know, I am even more impatient to make that call than you are to receive it! LOL

    Can't wait to see pics of the afghan...