Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Never Done That Before!!

I had an interesting day today. Something happened that has never happened before. It's like Mitch & I have this little competition going over who can burn the pans in the kitchen or something. I told him that even though he's very competitive, he doesn't *really* have to try to top this one. :)

We had hard boiled eggs on the menu for snack today. So I got those eggs out and put them on the stove to boil. I was really looking forward to them (egg craving I guess). To make the eggs, I put the eggs in cold water, bring the water to a boil, then reduce the heat to just simmering, cover with a lid, and simmer for 15-20 min. So I did just that--I put them in the pan to boil. In the meantime, I was going to feed the baby a bottle. So I got her bottle ready, and walked away. I decided to look through addresses to figure out what to do for Christmas cards. I got engrossed in that. 20 minutes later I began to emerge from the computer room, happy baby in tow, and I heard a "pop". Caleb was sitting at the table working. He shouted, "Mom, I just heard a pop, and I smell smoke!" (Catches on fast, doesn't he?). I walk into the kitchen just in time to see an egg explode (with resounding "pop") all over the kitchen. I quickly grabbed the pan and moved it away from the stove, then moved the baby to safety. LOL. Then I went back to the still exploding eggs and put the pan in the sink and poured cold water over it. My error was I had not stayed to watch and turn the heat down. All the water had boiled out of the pan, and the eggs were still sitting there heating up, which caused them to scorch and explode. Wow, did it stink. It was such a mess. But I've never done that before!! Thankfully (this time) our pan cleaned up reasonably well. It didn't melt the bottom of the pan like the time when I boiled all the water out of the carrots. That was pretty cool-looking.

I thought about taking a picture to show you, then figured it wasn't really all that blog-worthy. I took this one instead:

This is a candle that Mitch bought me for my birthday from The Yankee Candle Company. I love that store. :) This particular flavor is red apple wreath, and it reminds me of an air freshener that my grandmother Phyllis Cunningham always used each morning.

It sure helped clear the air after my egg incident.

Speaking of my birthday, I definitely had a wonderful one. Thank you to all the well wishers who sent me emails, posts on facebook, cards, or calls! We had an active group of people over for the day on Saturday to play games. There were a lot of kids running around (yes, more than normal), and the adults crowded around the table for a variety of games. We set out a buffet of snack foods, which helped get rid of *some* of the Thanksgiving leftovers, thankfully! We played until around 5:30ish pm. Then Mitch's sister Holly came over to watch our kids while we went out--YES--to Mexican Village.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Durango. The waitress told me to order something else the next time that has the fundido sauce on it too, but I can't think of what it was (and have no idea how long until the "next time" it will be anyways). I can always ask...I'll never forget the fundido sauce! Go figure--it has cream cheese in it. Boy, do I have a cream cheese fettish! Mitch made a mysterious bathroom trip and while he was gone ordered me a surprise virgin pina colada...my favorite!!! It was delicious and as I sipped I wish I could make the moment last forever. :) I've never had one with alcohol, even not pg, by the way...and pretty sure I'm not missing anything! The fried ice cream was perfect (after I made Mitch eat off the whipped topping...gotta try to remember to order it without) as well. Afterwards we went to the mall to check on a couple Christmas gifts (xbox controllers for the kids' xbox). And that's where we bought my new candle (and a couple others). It's a gift our whole family can enjoy.

Especially if I keep cooking.


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  1. I can't imagine the smell that must have made...yuck! I've exploded eggs in the micro before and what a mess that was, and it was contained!
    So good to hear that you had a fun b'day. I love Yankee too, my current favorite is Vera Cruz Vanilla. It smells exactly like the good real vanilla that we buy in Mexico.