Saturday, December 20, 2008

Shopping for PINK!!

I braved the winter storm today to go shopping for some future "banned hazardous substances" for my little girl. I was not disappointed.

First, I had to shovel the driveway. Micah refused to do it. He claimed that the big shovel was too heavy for him and he was "not strong enough." I'm going to remember that next time Papa (Mitch's dad) says he needs help at his house or wants Micah to go snowmobiling. Well, I have 4-wheel drive in the truck, so I didn't *have* to shovel the driveway, but it seemed like a good idea since the kids were driving me NUTS. It was so much more peaceful and quiet outside. :)

We went to a second-hand kids store because I heard an ad on the radio about some good sale they were having today (completely unrelated to the CPSIA). At first when I went in the store I WAS disappointed. There were no sale signs hardly anywhere to be seen. Finally I spotted a small one that said "25% off blue stars." Hmmm...since their prices are already too high (one thing that keeps them from being my *favorite* second-hand store), I was not optimistic. They are a consignment shop, are very choosy, and pay moms very "poorly" for their used items...thus, the clothes are usually nice (but I have seen some that made me go "huh?") but other things just tick me off. Anways...I was chatting on the phone to Mitch when I turned and saw an even *tinier* sign that denoted the special sale for the day. I saw that if I shopped for a mere 20 minutes the prices would be 70% off the blue stars. Eden and I hit the racks, while the rest of the kids destroyed the toy section (to be cleaned up later before we left). I shopped for an hour until Malachi decided to undress and I quickly made plans to exit, knowing the limit had been reached!

The results...33 items (not counting separate pieces) for $35 something. Here are all the girl things I bought (I also bought some pants for Micah and for Alex).

OH the PINK! The ruffles and embroidery and lace!!!

I hope I'm not making too big of a deal out of this whole girl thing. I wanted to blog about that too. I do feel a little guilty for making it seem like maybe something it's not. I LOVE my boys very much. If this baby had been another boy, I would have loved him too. Malachi, as difficult as he is, melts my heart just as good as a stinky ole girl would. ;)

Really and truly, besides having a sister for Eden and that whole sister/bonding thing, it is merely a WARDROBE issue for me.

As you can see. Ahem.

I hope I find more sales in the future. Not that I'm even sure of what I *need*. Today I just bought what was cute and on sale. :) It was so fun. For Eden too. Hey--even Caleb got involved. He picked out a onesie (in the first picture, on the top of the pile of onesies--it is white with pink trim) that he could buy with his own money for his baby sister. It was just so sweet!


  1. "it is merely a WARDROBE issue for me."

    I HEAR ya! It is SOOOO much more fun shopping for girl stuff! All that pink and dresses, oh I heart dresses, and girls actually NEED more than one pair of shoes.

    I can't believe that you ventured out yesterday though!! Maybe it's not as bad up there. Most of the state was under no travel advised though weren't they? Silly girl. I'm starting to go stir crazy locked up in the house. Everything, even church, is canceled.

  2. I completely agree about the wardrobe issue! I love shopping for a little girl there is just so much for selection, if you ask me!

  3. I can see at least 3 things in those piles that I have an identical of -- maybe not the size. Hopefully bigger so we can dress the babies alike :)

  4. Oh, and thanks for the pants for Alex :)

  5. we all know you would have been happy with a boy! it is ok to be excited for your girl...

    I Really wish we lived closer, I have tons of girl clothing that needs handed over to a new family, as we are sadly done having children. Four girls create quite the pile of giveaway clothing! if you ever venture near omaha, ne, call me up and I can bring you bags and bags of clothing full of pink and ruffles and ribbons!

  6. Congratulations on a GIRL! I understand your boy saga all too well. I have testosterone ozzing from every noock and cranny around here. Although let me just clarify that the little bit of estrogen that is in this house is enough to send my off the cliff some days. I love my girls though, whew, just so emotional!!

    A name that I was going to use had this last one been a girl was Psalm. Its original and really pretty.

    Congrats again!