Thursday, December 18, 2008

What are you going to name her?

It's so exciting to be expecting a everyone's favorite question to ask us is "What are you going to name her?"

The answer is we *probably* won't be able to decide on a name until she is born. The reality is that Mitch doesn't usually want to talk about names until the baby is here. I'm slowly getting used to it.

Last night a group of "kids" came up to Mitch at church and began chattering about the prospect of finally a girl. One girl (the same age as Micah) blurted out, "So, are you guys DONE now?" LOL It was pretty funny. Her mom, standing nearby, was obviously embarrassed. Mitch said, "It's ok. that's what everyone *thinks* and doesn't ask." :) Then when they asked what we are going to name her, Mitch says, "We're trying to decide between Steve and Gary. Steve after Stephanie and Gary after one of her ex-boyfriends." Ha!

After he told me that, he said I should put up a poll on my blog. I don't think I will, though I did suggest (again) that he get his own blog.


  1. I've known the sex of two of my three and named them immediately upon finding out. Personally, we think it makes it more fun. That way we can talk to and about baby by name before they're born. A lot of people need to see a baby before naming it though.
    I say, whatever works!
    Charlie is a cute girl name if Steve and Gary don't work out. ;)

  2. Oh I am SO with you on that! I would love to have a name picked out already!! It's so weird to be dead set on "Hannah" for all these years and now just not even know. Besides that, I can't stand how the nurses are asking you within 30 seconds after birth what the baby's name is and every hour thereafter if you have chosen a name yet. It's sooooo annoying! One year my mom got mad at my dad when I called and told him the baby was born. She was so mad that he couldn't even remember the baby's name (we hadn't named him yet). It was pretty funny. :)

    I got my way, you know. Mitch didn't want to know the gender. I was adamant that I was going to find out. So I guess this is his way of getting what he wants. LOL.

  3. We get the" are you guys done yet????" all the time too. Paul said he was actually looking forward to telling his team at work to get their jaw dropping reactions. How about people counting you as you walk through the mall. We get that a lot. Our kids are all pretty short so it probably looks like even less of an age gap than it is. It just cracks me up. Sometimes I will just turn and say "Yep, there's 5." as though I didn't hear them counting. Smiles, Heidi

  4. My husband is a reluctant baby-namer, too, but we always at least have lists by the time we get to the hospital. The trouble is, he hates talking about it, but when we do, he's quite opinionated :) Plus we never find out the sex, so we've always got to have names for either possibility. I'm sure you guys will pick something perfect for her!
    Oh, and we're only pregnant with #4 and this is at least the second pregnancy that people have asked us "Is this *it* now?" I'm sure it only gets worse as the number gets higher :)