Monday, January 05, 2009

12 years ago...

Just gotta squeeze in one more post before bedtime...

12 years ago today, Mitch and I made our way to St. Cloud as a very newly married couple. We had married on Friday in Virginia, and left town early Saturday morning. A snowstorm (and a sick Steph) slowed us down and we stopped overnight Saturday. As we traveled farther north (Mitch & I in my little hatchback 5-speed, and his Dad & brother in the minivan pulling all our earthly belongings in a u-haul), we discovered that the storm had shut down I-94. It gradually opened. After we managed to get to the twin cities on Sunday, we inched our way along precariously up the interstate. You can imagine this country girl sitting on pins and needles as I watched the u-haul in front of us swing back and forth on the icy road. I mean, I had seen snow before, but this? I had no idea where I was!

Turns out St. Cloud had received something in the range of 24 inches of snow over the weekend...something that hasn't happened since then either. Something I had never seen before.

Did I mention I had no idea where I was? I was so disoriented. As we passed through Sartell (figured that out later), I stared out the window at an empty field. It was so long and narrow. I wondered what they planted there. Corn, maybe? It had to be a crop. Ha. It was the Mississippi River. It hadn't really dawned on me that rivers really actually DO freeze over!!

What amazed me, and still amazes me, is how fast the road crews can get out and move the snow. Granted, this was one heck of a storm that even slowed them down, but within a few days the snow was moved and the roads were passable with huge "guard rails" of snow and ice on either side. The surface of the road was flat and smooth. And white.

This was something else that was frustrating and disorienting. We were in a new town (well, new to me), and learning where things were, trying to figure out our way around, and for crying out loud you couldn't see ANY lines on the roads!! No turn lanes, walk ways, passing zones, white lines, etc. Even road signs frequently get covered with blowing snow. It was crazy. It didn't thaw until late March or April. I remember being so excited to see GRASS for the first time in Minnesota. At that point you would have me almost convinced it snowed year round. :)

My memories of living here are mostly all good. I don't hang on to bad stuff for long. God protected us and surrounded us with many loving friends. He planted us immediately in a great church family. He faithfully provided for our needs, and continues to do so.

And the winter doesn't last forever. :)

I just wish I had a picture of the roads so I could show you what I mean! It's crazy!

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