Sunday, January 04, 2009

Blech...Stomach Bug

So Malachi was sick on Thursday morning. I woke up sick yesterday (Saturday). Why are these things so much harder when you're pregnant? The actual symptoms (vomitting and diarrhea) were gone after only 4.5 hours. The after-effects (sore muscles, weakness, dehydration, etc) have lingered on much, much longer. But probably the worst part is waiting for the virus to make its way through the rest of the family. At the rate its going, we could be doing this for 2 weeks or more! Blech.

And that reminds me of one of my biggest pet peeves. When people call it the "flu." That's fine. But then they also refer to influenza as "the flu." Then they say that they had the "flu shot" and it didn't help them--they still got sick. Grrrrrrrr. Misinformation, people. I even got into an argument with the doctor and nurse at the hospital over it once. It ticked them off, but I they couldn't convince me that I was not right. I just argued, "It spreads misinformation and confusion." I had my "flu shot" for several years in a row now, and I've never contracted any of the influenza strains vaccinated against. Good thing, too, because it would be a lot worse than vomitting and diarrhea for 4.5 hours!

I deserve a sound off, right? After all, I'm sick, and I STILL have to go to the grocery store, otherwise we will have NO food left in the house to eat (at least none that the kids can make for themselves). And it's -1 feels like -19 outside right now. And in Virginia, where my dad sits reading this? 61. Yeah. So **insert bad thought**. :)

And to think only 2 hours ago I was just telling Hope why God led us to this frozen country and blessed us here. Sigh.

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  1. So sorry that your house has the bug. :( That stinks. Last year my family(including extended) passed around that crud the week of Christmas. No fun! Hope it moves through the ranks quickly(or not at all!!) and you're all back to 100% quickly.

    As for the shot, I hear ya! LOTS of misinformation about that. At one of my recent OB appointments the nurse was quite put out that I refused to get the shot. Just didn't think it was necessary. In our pretty sheltered life(neither of us work outside the home and the kids don't go to school/daycare) I doubt I'll encounter anyone w/the REAL flu. Now if they make a shot for the vomiting/diarrhea by golly sign me up! :)