Thursday, January 01, 2009

Christmas Pictures

Here they are! You can click on the slides to see the pictures all together in an album, and I think they are there in higher resolution too so you can see them *bigger*. In other news, we had a great party last night. Apparently Malachi partied too hard--he woke up this morning throwing up. Just what we all need after staying up till 1:30 am, right? Oye. So now we're just waiting for the hammer to fall and hope it moves through our family quickly.


  1. oh, man! Is that Malachi in the "nice hairdo" photo? He looks SO MUCH like you!

  2. LOL--Yay! I've been saying that all along. I'm so glad someone agrees with me! :)

  3. I'm obviously an idiot... how do you know I've had 100 posts?? (Without counting them all... LOL)

  4. Malachi does definitely resemble you, Steph. I didn't see it before, but these Christmas pictures I can certainly tell. I also think that Eden resembles you a good bit. The rest of them certainly do favor Mitch quite blatantly. lol

    Daniel is the spitting image of Brad. The other evening at dinner we were talking about how he's like his dad in appearance and I said, "Daniel, take a good look; this is how you'll look when YOU'RE 34." LOL Jake, on the other hand, is our milkman baby. He doesn't resemble anyone in particular but is a mottled representation of recessive genes from several in the family.

    I love genetics and I love seeing how kids end up looking!