Sunday, January 11, 2009

DIY Maternity Jeans

My latest project...I realized this week that one pair of jeans I have are way too small, and one pair of jeans are ridiculously large. I didn't have enough jeans!!! I decided to finally follow these online instructions to try to make myself some new pants. So today while grocery shopping I stopped at Goodwill (1/2 off yellow tags today) to find some jeans. I found two pair that would work, for a final price of $3.50 each. I also found a pair too cute to cut up (and too small anyways) for after I'm pregnant. I found a pair of LIKE NEW Gap boys' jeans for $2 that will fit Micah now, plus two pair for a couple years down the road. It was such a cool shopping day! So here is my first attempt at modifying regular jeans to make maternity jeans:

Aren't these back pockets cute? These are St. John's Bay "stretchboot" style pants.

After marking where the zipper comes up to, like the online instructions suggest, I used a french curve ruler to make my line.

Here is mistake #1: I left that button on the fifth pocket on up there. I broke my sewing machine needle later when I wasn't paying attention. :(

I happened to have some cotton/lycra fabric bought from Joann's that I used for my belly band. I also did it a bit different than the instructions.
Here they are on me! The angle is funny cause Mitch was laying on the couch. My belly is so funny shaped...I've definitely added all that baby to my sides/hips/butt/thighs. :P

I didn't serge the edges until after I had tried them on. Another step I didn't do was take out the zipper. Mistake #2. When my serger tried going over the zipper I broke not only both needles but the whole needle plate (the thing the feed dogs are in)!!! So now my "cheap" project turned out to be not so cheap. I'll have to finally give in and take my serger in to be fixed. Darn it!! I hope it doesn't cost much...seems like a simple little part. I should have parts warranty still, it *should* be just the labor. I'll keep ya posted!


  1. They look great :) So glad you "took one for the team" so next time any of us needs to make some we don't have to break our machines! LOL

  2. Those look great! You never cease to amaze me.

  3. Great pants! You know, if you have to ever stop making diapers you could surely make a good amount making maternity clothes. I know many women who would've loved to have their regular pants made into maternity.

  4. Hey great! Thank You. I will have to give it a try. I too am pregnant with our 7th child, due in October. After finishing up some bra's for me and a couple of my girls I have to start making some maternity pants and skirts. I found you through This End Up Coop.