Thursday, January 15, 2009

Let's try this again...

I had another pair of jeans to convert. It was much easier this time! I have some extra tips. I do hope some of ya'll out there try this! I'm sooooo in love with my pants that fit and feel great. :)

This pair of jeans is Old Navy size 12 with a button fly. I love the pockets. I think I must be a pockets girl. At least there's no zipper this time to fool with. I could actually get these on all the way and get all but the top button buttoned. So they fit pretty good now, but probably wouldn't have in early pregnancy. That's ok...I'm all about comfort RIGHT NOW.

I decided how far down I wanted my "dip" in the front to go, and once again used the french curve ruler to draw a curve. If you've never used one of these rulers, and you do sew garmets, I HIGHLY recommend them. My online friend Denise sent me my first ruler ever and I could kiss her for it. Afterwards I found 3 more at a garage sale. Whew what a good purchase!

After I cut my band, I folded the pants in half to make sure they were even, so although it may not *look* even in the pictures, it is a really nice curve.
Doesn't that look good? A nice belly scoop. My belly band has a matching scoop. Maybe here in a little bit I'll go scan it in and try posting it.
Here is another tip. If you do not have a serger (or if you did something really stupid like try to serge over a zipper and broke your needle plate and now it's in the shop), it can be tricky to sew knits, especially knits that are r-e-a-l-l-y stretchy like the ones that make good belly bands. First of all, make sure you have the right needle--a ball point needle is appropriate for sewing knits. Secondly, check the manual for your sewing machine to see if there is a special setting for sewing knits. If not, set your machine to a zigzag stitch, but only put it on a very, very narrow zigzag. Set the stitch length to be very short, I think mine was at 1/2 (normally I'd sew on 2 or 2.5). Once you are sewing the band to the pants you want to switch back to a sharp needle so that your machine doesn't have to work so hard to go through all the layers of denim.

Ok, here they are all done. Don't they look great? My belly doesn't look as strange today, either, at 25 weeks 3 days! :)

Lastly, here is a fun, totally unrelated picture. It's the blanket I crocheted for my baby. I made the pattern up off the top of my head using two new stitches I learned recently, so the proportions aren't right (too long for the width), but that's ok. It's still beautiful and soft. I have to work on my crochet pattern-making, I think!

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