Tuesday, February 03, 2009

28 weeks

There you have it, folks, my expanding belly!

I saw the doctor today. Oh what a shock--I'd gained 9.4 lbs in 4 weeks!! Oh no! That brings me up to 30 lbs total already, and there are still 12 weeks to go. :( She didn't seem to mind. She said my tummy was measuring right on for 28 weeks (so I'm not carrying extra amniotic fluid). I don't have swelling in my ankles, so I'm probably not carrying extra fluid anywhere else in my body, either. So it's "real" weight. My nurse was so sympathetic. She said, "Don't worry, it always comes off." She's right, it always does. But as I top the scale at 152 lbs, I realize that this pregnancy, like the last, will also end with me over 160. I'm hoping, but that hope is diminishing, that it will end with a baby closer to 8 lbs than 9 lbs. =P

Micah came with me to the appointment today. He has always been obstinate to tell everyone, "The baby is a boy." I asked him as I stepped on the scale if he wanted to tell the nurse what I'm having. He put on his shy grin and said, "It's a girl." Of course, my nurse was really excited for me.

Everything else at the appointment was good. My blood pressure was low. I had my gestational diabetes test, which means SO much more now than it used to. My blood sugar level was only 100 an hour after drinking a 10 oz glucose drink that contained 50 g of sugar. Perfect! :)


  1. You look fabulous :) And 152 pounds? That probably feels like a lot for your tiny body, but it's not really so bad :) I almost hit 180 when I had my first child. Yikes!

  2. I just hope I weigh as LITTLE as 152 lbs at my 6 week pp check! Since my pre-pregnancy weight was 150, that would be great! But, you know I'd really like to get down to 130 again... And I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but I can fit in my regular pants now, so it's actually looking like more of a possibility. :)

    Oh, and you look great... so *pbhhhhhtttt*

  3. You are so lucky not to have to take a trip to the hospital like I did over my glucose test. And I pray that you do not swell up after delivery the way I did. I had no fluid gain the whole pregnancy, but it all hit at once in the end. I hope everything stays on the right track for you as it has so far. It should be okay. We always wanted to see you gain weight!! Love you!! Carrie

  4. I can't wait until you have this baby, so that I can see all the cute diapers you put on her.

    I remember my glucose test- the drink was really good. It tasted like sunkist, and sunkist was one of my cravings.