Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Fifth Disease

Now, I'm not panicking. Though I am concerned enough to have a bowl of ice cream in spite of recent weight gain. :)

I think the kids have Fifth Disease. It started about a week ago. Or maybe 2 weeks ago. Micah had a low-grade fever and stayed home from church. Last week Eden had a really strange rash on her cheeks. It was definitely not eczema, since we are familiar with that. Soon Josh had the red cheeks (this past weekend???) and eventually Zeke did. Runny noses and coughs abound...nothing out of the ordinary. One daycare child, bless her heart, got a double ear infection. This morning when I got up one of the first things I noticed was Josh's arms. He was wearing a t-shirt. His arms had a mottled, spidery rash all over them. It was on his legs too. It has continued all day. No fevers though. Malachi had a very low-grade fever last week, then on Monday and Tuesday...nothing even so high as being a "real" fever...more like 99.5 under the arm. Today he woke up and was over 100. So I decided to take him in to see the doctor. His ears looked perfect and his lungs sound great. The doctor commented on his red cheeks, and I told her about the older brothers' arms. She mentioned the Fifth Disease and said it was possible, so I came home to do research. It sure does look like the pictures and match the description on WebMD. I wish I'd gotten pictures of their cheeks when those were red. Here they are:

I put in a call to my doctor, who will call back tomorrow. I guess I will feel better if they order a blood test to determine if I have it or not. We'll see...yuck-o! Apparently it's very, very likely that I already had Fifth Disease as a child and am immune. The risk is small, but always good to check into I think.

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  1. Hmm.. I'm not familiar with that. From that link, it sounds pretty normal in kiddos, but I sure hope that YOU haven't caught it from them. I have no idea how they'd do a blood transfusion on a baby in utero, but it sounds scary! Keep us updated.