Sunday, February 01, 2009

Grocery Brag

So, I was at the grocery store's a weekly event...and as I was checking out, the clerk says to me, "Wow, you eat healthy!" I was kind of surprised. Seriously. We are not healthy eaters. We were blessed (I think) with high metabolism, and we are all "healthy" weights despite our nasty eating habits. :) Enter Selena. This wonderful little girl LOVES to snack on fresh veggies and fruits. It's a treat that nearly has her jumping up and down. With an attitude like that, who wouldn't buy her some celery, right??? I just never expected to hear the words that I did out of the clerk's mouth. I had such a little private pride moment. LOL. Unfortunately, I'm not the main eater of the treats, but anyways...I quickly filled her in on our recent lifestyle change.

I did have quite the healthy cart of groceries. I'd share my monthly menu if it were easier to upload a pdf file to blogger. If you want to tell me how, then I will. Since we participate in the CACFP, I have to submit monthly menus that conform to food program guidelines and are reviewed by dieticians.

Yes, chicken nuggets are allowed and do appear on our menu regularly. (The clerk didn't get a chance to see what I bought at Sam's Club before coming to the discount grocery store).

I still think I'm doing ok on our grocery budget. At the moment there are 3 adults and 7 children ages 11.5 and under living here full time. There are also 3 full time daycare children (that number is going up in February, yay!). In January I typically spent close to $200 per week in groceries. That's less than $20 per person. I think Wendy Jeub, mom to 14, could do better, but it's not too bad, right? Here's what was on my list today:

3 lbs bananas, leaf lettuce, iceberg lettuce, 1 cucumber, 2 roma tomatoes, 1 bunch radishes, 2 red grapefruit, 10 lbs apples, 5 lbs navel oranges, 5 lbs potatoes (free item), celery, 2 lbs baby carrots, 1 package shredded carrots, 1 box whole mushrooms, 1 head cauliflower, strawberries, jar baby dill pickles, horseradish, 2 cans pizza sauce, tarter sauce, 1 pack of sliced ham, 1 pack of bologna, 2 5-quart pails of ice cream (on sale!), 4 lbs margarine (also on good sale!), 1 bag plain bagels. Total $65.64

Obvioulsy the clerk overlooked the 2.5 gallons of ice cream and 4 lbs of margarine, huh?

At Sam's Club I bought:

lasagna, american sliced cheese, chicken nuggets, nutty bars (Mitch's treat), 12-pack of tomato sauce, 2 bags blueberry bagels, 90oz Dawn dw liquid, apple sauce, eggo waffles, 18 ct eggs, gogurt, tortilla shells, and 10 lbs ground beef. Total $101.02

I bought my bread at the bread store, 6 loaves of wheat, 1 loaf texas toast, and 1 pack english muffins, for just under $10 with a coupon.

We also receive some WIC, so I had 3.5 gallons of milk, 3 containers of juice, 1 doz eggs, 2 lbs cheese, 36 oz cereal, and 1 jar peanut butter. That was the last of my milk for the next 2 weeks from there. We are drinking about 9 gallons of milk per week, and I'm trying to cut back on extras and waste. Milk is required under the food program, though, so I am careful to not cut back where I shouldn't.

I know I could do better. For example, why buy tomato sauce and then jarred pizza sauce? Why not make my own? Well, I think the jarred pizza sauce tastes better. :P It cost $0.98/can. The tomato sauce only costs $0.55/can. Hmmm....

I'm getting there!


  1. My jaw was starting to drop reading your grocery items... until I got to the ice cream. That made it realistic. :p We LOVE fruits and veggies, I just have a hard time buying them in the winter. I wish our garden grew year round.
    NINE gallons of milk?! You ought to just buy a cow!! We go through a gallon/person/week but have a lot less people than you.
    As for the pizza sauce. We love homemade. You really should let it grow on you. It's cheap and so so easy not to mention yummy.

  2. Ohhhhh, share your recipe with me, pleeeeeease???

    I wish we had space to grow a garden. Not that I *could* grow a garden since both my thumbs are black. But it would be nice to try. :) LOL

  3. Well, you have to add stuff to the tomato sauce. So that would bring your cost up, what, like $.02 per can? LOL

    Maybe if you talk real nice to your friend who's expanding her garden this spring for the 2nd time she would plant a couple things for you? *grin*

    I had to laugh, because when you originally told me the story I thought you were shopping at SAMS. When I realized you were at the "regular" grocery store it made more sense. Our list looks much healthier there too because we buy most of our fresh fruits/veggies there. We just don't eat enough to buy it all bulk at SAMS! :)

  4. The best pizza sauce I've ever made was a can of tomato sauce with about 3 T of the Sam's Club Italian Seasoning stirred in it. I also sprinkle the seasoning in the pizza dough when I make it. My hubby says that it tastes like Papa Murphy's, lol.
    I have big round planters on my deck that I group tomatoes in in the Summer. I also have a garden but it's nice to just walk out and pick a tomato when I need one, lol. The kids also love picking their own cherry ones and bringing them in to eat.

  5. Homemade Pizza Sauce
    1 small can tomato sauce(8oz)
    1 t oregano
    1 t basil
    1/2 t garlic powder
    1/4 t chipotle pepper

    My husband is the keeper of the garden, I too have a black thumb. It's his little sanctuary. If he finds weeding to be relaxing then that's A-Ok with me!