Thursday, February 19, 2009

In General...

I haven't blogged recently because there's nothing really fun to blog. It's been pretty hectic around here, and hectic = boring when I write. :)

I'm 30 weeks pg now. I was supposed to see the doctor this week, but told her I'd be in at 32 weeks unless I felt like I needed to see her. No need to see the scale reading higher than I want it to read, right? And the baby is moving all the time, so I don't really need to hear her heartbeat either at the moment. She was cool with that. Yay for good doctors! The baby is doing a lot of moving. Several people in the house have got to feel her. Hope was pretty amazed. I've been having a few braxton-hicks contractions. Don't know why my uterus needs to "practice"'d think it has enough practice already. They are annoying and take my breath away. Especially when I'm trying to hold and take care of other babies/children. The baby has apparently been practice breathing too, she gets the hiccups all the time. What a good girl!!

Malachi is changing more and more every day. He's finally starting to mellow out a little and not be so crabby. He's learning how to communicate without screaming. That's a good thing! He uses a few signs and a few nonsense sentences made up of just sounds. He has a few words that we can understand fairly clearly, but he's definitely not at the same level as other children his age with vocab words. Apparently a lot of people do the talking for him. If he's not speaking more words more clearly at 2 years then I'll probably have him evaluated. In all other areas he's right on track. He's actually a very observant child (must get that from Mitch) and amazes me at the things he is picks up on. He's also trying new foods (even though he usually doesn't like them). This new change in tolerance is a big deal--for a long time ANYthing new (food, clothes, just change in general) made him really crabby.

We finally passed the 100th day of school. This week we are wrapping up lesson 110 of 170 lessons total. We will skip the normal spring break and hold that out for when the baby comes. I love being over the 100-mark. Eden has all A's, Micah has all B's, and Caleb is doing outstanding work. I'm excited to see how Caleb does next year with 3rd grade compared to Eden doing it last year. I think it is going to be easier for him since there is continuity in the curriculum. 4th grade this year for Eden seems to be a little easier for her than it was for Micah last year. Micah is gradually learning to work more independently. Next year will be a real trick with adding Zeke's kindergarten. They are all going to need to step up the independence level...I don't think I can juggle so much!! :)

I just finished the majority of taking inventory for my business. This is where I unroll/unfold every piece of fabric in my room, measure, and refold. I count everything that is consumable, non-fabric items included. I match it up with the original purchase price, and so on. I don't have those final numbers in, but I think it's safe to say I doubled my inventory this past year. I'll laugh if I tripled it. It was a lot of work taking inventory. I thought it would take most of one morning. It took all of one day and I still have a box left to do. Plus I need to count all my mailing envelopes. Then I'll be done--whew! Of course, that won't even be close to being done with taxes. But I have to get those done soon, too, so that we'll really be ready for the baby to come. No waiting until April 15th this year!! My goal is to have it all done by early March. Ouch...did I just say that???

Selena's diabetes numbers continue to show improvement. Hope and I get frustrated daily that things are not more stable than they are. This weekend we are going to a friend's house for dinner. Our friend has a 3rd grader with type 1 diabetes. It will be very refreshing to spend time with her and recieve reassurance and encouragement plus "real" tips from the trenches. Selena has an appointment with an endocrinologist in early June. I can't wait! We are also dealing with issues that are common with children who are adopted or living in a foster care situation. Our friend has also adopted a child...she's going to be a valuable resource!! One of Selena's major issues has been stealing food. Unfortunately, stealing/hording food will cause her numbers to spike. Since we are trying so hard to control this, it just adds to the pile. Last week was bad, but so far this week we are seeing improvement.

I won't lie. With everything that has been going on...and there's certainly a lot going on...I have been dealing with strong bouts of discouragement. It is hard to be my "normal" upbeat self. It's also hard to talk to people...I don't want people to get the wrong impression. I'm absolutely stressed out, but it's not really as bad or dramatic as I probably would make it sound right at the moment if I just opened up and "spilled." So it's a delicate balance of "keeping it together" for me. I've had a few offers or suggestions to get away--to take a day to myself--etc, but I seriously thing that would just stress me out more. There's already SO much that needs to be done around here, now I "need" to do one MORE thing??? LOL I'm happy to put on my mp3 player of relaxing music I've prepared and go lay down for a little while. Or go sew. So I do have a few coping techniques up my sleeve...I'm just not that much fun to hang out with. Things will change soon, they never stay the same for long and I never stay discouraged for long.

I made a cake today with chocolate cream cheese (!!!) frosting and it is begging to add a couple more pounds to my expanding girth. I'd better go see to that...


  1. I get discouraged too, but I can't imagine juggling the multitude of hats that you do. You are a real inspiration to me and many others, I'm sure. Hang in there and don't try to be super woman. It backfires every time. God only gives us what we can handle WITH HIS HELP. And more often than not, His help comes in the form of other people. If you're anything like me, and I suspect you are, asking for help doesn't come easy or natural. I've learned that more than anything that's a sin issue on my part in the form of pride. I know firsthand that pride does indeed come before a fall.
    I agree that a whole day of being away can just add to the pile, but do take those little snippets of time for yourself to recharge and refresh. It not only makes for a better you, but it makes you a better wife and mama.
    Now, go eat a piece of cake for me too. Chocolate makes all things better. :)

  2. Who are Hope and Selena? Are they your foster children?

  3. Hope is my sister in law and she is Selena's legal guardian. In MN that is very similar to adoption, except the parents are still the parents (normally in adoption the birth certificate is changed)...Hope has full legal custody, though. She was a friend of the family and that's sort of how she got an "in" to be able to seek guardianship of Selena.

  4. I'm feeling your discouragement, but want to let you know that I am praying. I miss spending time with my friend! Hopefully, everyone will be healthy enough soon...

    And, yes Courtney, Steph is a lot like you when it comes to asking for help. :) But, she is loved... by me, and many others.

    Go ahead, eat two pieces of cake! (Maybe 3, since you need to eat one for Courtney too *grin*).