Monday, February 09, 2009

Praying for the Fabry Family

I love the world of blogging and how it all spiderwebs together. :) Today I'm going to use my blog to connect (hopefully) a few more of you to two other blogs I love.

Chris Fabry is a name you may recognize if you listen to Christian programming on the radio. He has done work for Moody and Focus on the Family and I have no idea who else. It is not uncommon to flip on the radio and hear him as the announcer, and his voice is easily recognizable. He has lately been hosting his own afternoon radio show, Chris Fabry Live. Ok, so that's the extent of my knowledge about his career. :) Oh, and he just fulfilled a life-long dream to publish a book...the (fiction) story is based in West Virginia and I'd love to read it sometime. It is called Dogwood.

Anyways, so Chris and his wife have 9 kids and that right there is enough to make me love 'em. They made their home for many years in Colorado. In May 2007 they discovered mold in their home. Thus began a heart-wrenching journey for their family. The mold was quite dangerous, and in very high toxic levels. They discovered many negative health effects for all of the family members living at home, most of these are quite surprising. In September they were told by leading mold experts to immediately vacate their home and not take anything with them--the levels were so high and dangerous that nothing could be selvaged. Can you imagine just walking out the door and never coming back? Like as if there were a house fire and you lost everything...only everything is still there and you can't touch it? It gets even more complicated and devastating. They moved out, but they weren't getting better. Our health is our most valuable resource, but their health didn't immediately improve. Homeowners' Insurance does not cover mold, so while their home is completely unliveable, they cannot do anything about it (ie: they are still responsible for the mortgage, etc, yet can't live there). Doctors they were seeing in CO couldn't help treat their vast medical issues at this point. They found specialists in Arizona who could, however their medical insurance is balking at covering this and many bills are unpaid. Still, they felt it best to move to Arizona to seek treatment. Their family was split through many weeks during this transition. Obviously they have been VERY careful to find a new place to live. They found a place that tested free from mold, but when they finally all moved in together they had reactions right away. The culprit this time? Pesticides. Apparently going through the mold issues that they have can cause you to have MCS: multiple chemical sensitivity. They had to move out a day after they moved in, again abandoning some of their belongings which became contaminated. So far they are living in a hotel and still no good solutions in sight. They have one son who is in 12th grade who stayed behind in CO to finish his senior year. They had a post about him on their blog today that just made me cry. It must be SO hard to go through the challenges that they are going through and not see an end in sight. What kind of work is God accomplishing through them? Many, many people have reached out to help them and it's amazing. You can listen to Chris's radio show each day and not even hear the strain of stress in his voice. :) Ok, enough of my babbling, here are the blog links and be sure to read "My Son, The Man."

The Flog (Chris's blog)
Our Mold Journey (His wife's blog)


  1. I read the timeline of events...unbelievable. Now I'm going to go read about the specific molds she mentioned. Living in this old, damp house has me worried! =S

  2. Exactly!!! I couldn't help but think of you as I read. :( But the good news is I don't seem to see many medical issues (for now) coming from your kids as appeared in theirs. At least you know now and can start researching!