Tuesday, March 03, 2009

32 weeks!

This is a quickie...I hope...I'm exhausted!

I saw the doctor today for my 32-week visit. Depressing news: I've gained 7 lbs in 4 weeks for a grand total of 40 lbs. I think it might be a little harder to lose this time around. Sigh. Good News: I go back in 2 weeks now, so hopefully it won't be as much of a shock when I step on the scale. More good news: I scheduled out the rest of my appointments through 38 weeks. I realized that I probably shouldn't schedule a 39-week visit since I've only needed one of those ONE time (with Micah, my oldest). We can wait and see.

That reminds me--there's a poll in the menu bar to the right where you can put in your guesses on date/time of birth, weight, length, and even a guess on the gender again if you so dare.

Aaaackk--I scheduled my appointments through 38 weeks--that's only SIX weeks from now!!! I was still working along focused on having EIGHT weeks left and *poof* just like that 2 weeks disappeared.

The baby was pretty cute today. The doc likes to have a good steady listen of the heartbeat...you know, like 10 seconds or so...but she refused to cooperate. You'd think that since her heart is so BIG now (ahem, compared to when they are, say, only 12 weeks along) and there are LESS places to hide since SHE is obviously big, that it wouldn't be so hard to get a quick heartrate. In the end she lost the battle and gave it up at 144 bpm.

No diapers made yet. It's coming. I hope. Taxes first. That's not going so well. Very, very slowly. I'm overwhelmed and stressed out.

On a very fun note, though, we have friends, The Hamans, from out of town visiting us this week. It has been so very cool to have them here!! Tonight we went swimming at the Holiday Inn where they are staying. The kids had a blast. We are looking forward to doing a special project with Stacy tomorrow. Homeade stickers. :)


  1. A baby update with no picture?? Let's see that 40lb bump! :p

    And don't even worry about losing it. I was scared to death when I gained 28lbs and only had a 5lb baby, but it was all gone in a week. Crazy how our bodies pack on the pounds and drop it all so quickly. Plus, how can you not lose weight chasing a house full of kiddos around every day?!

  2. LOL...no thanks! I've been feeling sooooooo fat and unattractive lately. I know it goes with the territory, but still. Huge. I think the baby has been occasionally laying sideways, and that doesn't help either. :P Silly girl...she'd better get her act together! I almost took a pic this morning...maybe later...

  3. As if you are so fat and huge! LOL You couldn't be fat and huge if you tried!! And if I lost all my weight in less then a month, you'll be just fine. Remember this the next time you are complaining because you can't keep the weight on. :)

    Hope I get to see you tonight! Can't wait...