Thursday, March 19, 2009

34 Weeks!

I'll update after my doctor's appointment later! That is, if there's anything newsworthy besides my weight gain. =S


  1. I definitely can't see those supposed 40lbs you've gained!! You look fabulous.
    It's funny though, I glanced over at your baby tracker and noticed that your little peanut is probably almost as big as my little peanut! Crazy.

  2. You look great- if you have gained, it's all baby. (And surrounding)

  3. Yaaaayyy for 34 weeks! You are almost there girlie. :) Hope your appt. went well. We had an ultrasound today to find out why Q is measuring 3 weeks ahead and it turns out he just has a really BIG waterbed. I hadn't noticed. lol Big hugs to ya, Heidi