Monday, March 16, 2009

A little fun for today...Malachi surprised us with this new word: Gogurt. Motivated by food, of course.

Kristin bought me this shirt (what a sweetheart!) for fun, and Hope says that today I only look like I'm 6 mos pg. Dude, I think I'll wear the shirt more often! The shirt says, "This too shall pass, but it might hurt."

Remember this 99-cent Motherhood Maternity dress? I wore it to church yesterday for the first time because it finally got warm enough outside (I'm such a wimp in the cold weather and wear pants all winter). I let Mitch take my picture because my step-mom (Hi Mom!) requested an updated photo. Poor Mitch got me giggling with his photo techniques. I deleted the photo he took from a really bad angle just before this one--it made me look twice as big. :)

My sewing machine has finally been doing some work after all these months. I worked over the weekend on some new diapers. When I got pg, I said that this baby would get all sized pocket diapers (versus the one-size that Malachi mainly wore) because I needed to work on my patterns. So I got started on that. Already the patterns need tweaking (guess I shouldn't have made so many right off the bat), but they are still quite beautiful and will work well at some point. They are just a tad too big for a newborn, but not quite big enough for a small. The purple one on the left is the new newborn size that I drafted. The other four in front (on bottom) are all-in-twos like my one-size all-in-two. I drafted a new small and made one today, but it didn't make it into the picture. Another thing I said I wanted to do was to make all identical shaped inserts for each pocket diaper I sew. The inserts are what you stuff inside the diaper to make it absorbent. Right now I use such a hodge-podge collection of inserts in Malachi's diapers that I'm the only one who can fold them when they come out of the laundry. Having identical inserts for every diaper will not only make it possible for other people to help me with laundry, but it will make the job faster and easier as well. So every diaper I made got a shaped insert (no matter how much I dislike making them!).

We are staying super busy. I see the doctor again on Thursday. Hopefully I haven't gained 7 lbs in 2 weeks!!!


  1. Fun :) Glad you like the t-shirt! You didn't tell me that was what you were wearing earlier when you told me Hope said you looked smaller. LOL

    Off to make a cover for my poor babe.

  2. You amaze me!!! How many diapers does the girlie have now??? Is this enough or do you need more???

  3. Well, let's see...she has 10 fitteds and 6 covers in newborn (x-small) size. I made 8 pockets and 4 all-in-twos thinking they were also newborn size, and that would probably have been enough. Now I am calling those "smalls" even though they're a *little* shorter than a small. So she has the one lone newborn pocket, and I guess I'll make around 9-11 more. I probably won't make any newborn all-in-twos. She also has a correct version of the size small. So that brings me up to 11 newborn sized diapers and 13 small diapers. She needs around 24 in each size. So more newborn pockets, and some small fitteds and covers are on my list to do next! I will also make some bamboo prefolds just "for fun." Professional development, you know?? =D