Monday, March 02, 2009

Not About Wings

One of my favorite music groups is the band Downhere. I have a few of their songs loaded on my mp3 player for listening when I need to relax. I listen to my music on the computer also. One of my favorites as far as music goes is the song "Not About Wings," and I've wrestled recently to grasp the theological meaning of the lyrics (cause if it's not good theology, I'm not going to listen).

Here is a small excerpt of the lyrics:

"It's not by work you find your escape,
but in your defeat when you seek his face;
that's when He lifts you high.
Believing is not about seeing,
Faith is not about reaching,
and on this journey I keep learning,
Flying is not about wings."

Typically I don't think the kids are listening much. This past week Zeke (5 yo) stayed home alone with me from Wednesday night church. I played my music and we just "hung out" together. Later Zeke was talking with Mitch and Zeke's side of the conversation went something like this:

"Dad, flying is not about wings, right?"

After Mitch's response, Zeke then said, "It's about motors."

So much for theology! =D

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  1. I LOVE Downhere too! I was lucky enough to meet them long before they moved to Nashville and got famous. In fact, they even stayed at my parents house when I was a teenager, and did a tiny concert at our church.