Friday, March 20, 2009

Pregnancy Dreams

It is common to have crazy dreams when you are pregnant, and more vivid dreams--or at least, it is common to remember them more than you remember dreams at other times. Some common themes are dreaming about losing/misplacing the baby (related to one's doubts about being a responsible mother), the baby being born painlessly or in a weird way (related to thoughts/concerns about the impending birth), or dreams about water (related to amniotic fluid and an expanding abdomen).

Well, I have a lot of dreams. Kristin says she thinks I have more dreams than anyone she knows. ;) The other night I woke up from a particularly disturbing dream around 2 a.m. I will spare you the ridiculous details, but something very funny did happen.

In my dream, Hope was sleeping on the couch and snoring. When I woke up, Mitch was snoring (he has a cold--normally he does NOT snore). I gently rubbed his cheek hoping to disturb his breathing pattern without waking him. It worked.

I decided to get up and go pee since I was awake and baby was "fluffing the pillow" that happens to be my bladder. Hope was still awake playing on the computer. Feeling a need to vocalize my bad feelings about the dream, I shared it with her. As I did, I realized that each aspect of my dream was easily explainable by either thoughts I had been having or events of the previous day. Suddenly the bad feelings dissipated and I felt much better.

I headed back to bed, where I found Mitch comfortably snoring once again. This time I shook him to wake him up. I said, "Mitch, you're snoring."
He half-mumbled, "What?"
I repeated myself.
He said, "No, I'm not!"
I said, "No, you're right, it was Hope."
To which he arrogantly (if not sleepily) said, "See!"
He has no recollection. :)

My doctor appointment went very well yesterday. I'm moving along quite normally, and thankfully only picked up 2 lbs over the past 2 weeks. Whew! That brings me up to an official 39.6 yes, there's 40 lbs extra there (hint: lots in the backside). When I climbed up on the table and laid down, I had an inconvenient braxton-hicks contraction (ouch when you're on your back!). I've been having lots of those, so maybe the baby will be nice and head out early like the rest of her siblings (an average of 10 days early). The baby's heartrate was in the 130s. We joked about what might happen if "she" turns out to be a "he." I teased that perhaps the doctor could find a reason for another u/s, then also expressed my gratitude that nothing is concerning enough to really warrant an u/s. I go back in 2 weeks, when it should start to get more interesting!

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  1. I put in my guess. Now (as a disclaimer LOL), remember I'm also the one who guessed boy several weeks ago, so don't hold out that any part of my guess could be correct. I just got lucky with Kristin's baby. :P