Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Well, rain is certainly different than snow! We've had a couple days straight of rain. Isn't amazing how a couple days of overcast skies can feel like it's been cloudy forever??? I do like sunny days! With all the thawing of snow (I think it's all gone now...maybe a trace of our huge piles in the front yard), we had to use our sump pump for the first time ever in living here (6 years)...not counting the time we used it to water our lawn from the huge puddle. Mitch ran the pump several times yesterday and this morning as well. It took a long time to empty all the water out. We are very thankful--we have no water in our basement, the sump pail system prevents that. We also don't live in a flood plain, so it's unlikely that water will come up to the house from anywhere. We know that there are many other people who are starting to fight the rising waters, and they remain in our prayers!! Apparently it's supposed to snow the next couple days--ish--what a mess that will be.

I picked up a head cold/runny nose. Mitch had it last week. I thought I had it a few days before him, but this is something much worse. I've been out of commission pretty much all day. Thankfully Mitch has done a lot of the "work" around the house while I've laid around with a cold washcloth on my face. Also I'm thankful I don't have a headache--just overwhelming pressure in my sinuses and constant draining. If I follow Mitch's experience, coughing comes next...I'm not looking forward to that with my big 'ole belly on me!

I'm really uncomfortable moving around. It's hard getting up and down, changing positions, etc. By the end of the day my hips feel all out of place, I have lots of lower back pain, and my inner thigh muscles are SORE! I'm not sleeping well at night, either. Baby *loves* to punch my bladder.

I am tickled with her movements. It is such a joy and a miracle to be pregnant. It amazes me how different each pregnancy is. In spite of all my complaining, I am blessed beyond words.

The kids are working hard on school. They are on lesson 132 today, and their work goes up to lesson 170. Believe me, I'm counting down those days!! Micah and Eden are working on their 9-week exams this week, then I'll have their grades. It looks like they'll hold steady with the pattern they've had pretty much all year--Eden with A's and Micah with B's. I'm hoping Micah will improve some of his B's to A's, though! :) Right now he is working on a pretty major language project. He had to pick a topic from a list for a library research paper. He picked Davy Crockett. He checked out 3 books from the library, plus read the wikipedia entry online. He made notecards, an outline, a bibliography, and now he has to write an 800-word paper. He's been working all day on the rough draft. I don't remember doing anything of this caliber in only 5th grade, so I'm pretty impressed. It's hard for him--he likes writing least of everything in school. I don't blame him, I dislike grading it most of all too because it's ambiguous and I have nothing to compare it to (like a classroom full of other 5th graders). I do have a rubric to go by at least. And can't forget wonderful hubby teacher!!

Well, this is about all I can stand for now. Malachi the theif just stole my camera and is enjoying taking pictures of his feet. He's not really getting the whole point-and-shoot thing. It's one durable camera, though, that's for sure!!

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  1. Snow... I'm with you, ish! Maybe you could post some of those foot shots on your next Wordless Wednesday post :) I'm always finding interesting pictures that I didn't take on my camera. Chase likes to think he's a photographer. I didn't mind it so much before, but he figured out the video function this week... Get better soon!