Tuesday, April 07, 2009

37 Weeks!

So, I just got back from the doctor. The best news of the day (besides hearing her lovely heartbeat in the 140s) was that I gained ZERO pounds this past week. Hurray!! So I am at 40 lbs even still for weight gain. I was also 3 cm dilated (progress!) and 70-80% effaced...getting there. She seemed to think that I would be going soon, but I plan on waiting it out until next week. I told her I would be in next week, then NO MORE. Haha. Maybe I will be in sooner than I think. I've just got this wild hair that next Thursday is the "perfect" day. Whatever...God has the perfect day, right? Man! I had just got my anxiety over the whole thing under control, and now she spins it for me!

Last week there was a night where I woke up in the middle of the night with contractions that were coming every 2.5 minutes and lasting over a minute. I drank some water because I was feeling dehydrated, and finally they slowed to lasting only 45 seconds. I was able to go back to bed. I was SO nervous because I wasn't quite 37 weeks yet. Now that I am, I don't think I would be so nervous. :)

We have had some kind of nasty virus here. Micah broke out in a weird rash--just on his arms and legs, a little on his torso--which is from the virus. Mitch has been majorly congested and overall run-down. Over the weekend Malachi ran a fever fairly high for 3 days, along with a runny nose and cough. Eden got what looked like pink eye in her right eye and a cold sore on her lip. I had a toothache all weekend. So come yesterday morning I set out to schedule doctor's appointments. I only took Eden and Malachi in. He said it was just a virus--possibly influenza (which we were vaccinated, oh well)--and apologized that I brought them in just to hear that. I am ALWAYS glad to hear a doctor be honest with me about my child's condition. I never want a doctor to give an antibiotic just to make *me* feel better. It was reassuring and lowered my stress level, I was certainly not sorry for making the trip in to the doctor (which we do so rarely anyways). My tooth ache jumped to a different tooth, which was my clue that it was probably sinus related rather than an actual tooth problem. My doctor today again said she feels it is a virus and it's best not to treat it with an antibiotic. So I'm bummed that there's nothing she can offer me for relief, but again glad to have an honest report!

So while I wait for this baby to keep on cooking for a few days longer, I have been trying to plan out the next week or so. Of course, Easter is on Sunday ("Resurrection Sunday") and we are looking forward to that. Our church just opened a new worship center addition they have been building for the past year. This Sunday will be our first opportunity to go as a family (Mitch got to go this past Sunday while the rest of us were sick), and the kids are so excited. I'm also excited because we bought some CANDY for the kids last night and it's hiding in my room. I'm wondering how I can plan to sneak out some robin's eggs early. ;) Yuuuuuummmmm chocolate. Kristin gave me the great idea to get another project done--a dress for Eden I had planned to make a long time ago, so I'll have to dig out the pattern and fabric and see about doing that. That will certainly pass some time! I have been working hard on pushing the kids to get done with school--they need to get through lesson 150, then they can technically have the rest of April off except for standardized tests we are going to do the week of the 20th. Finally, I have a few diapers cut out here and 2 already done that I would like to sell in my store. Kind of a final "hurrah" shout out in my store that the baby is almost here. :) Hmmm...I also want to squeeze in a showing of "The Passion of the Christ" to help get us in the right mood for Easter. Maybe we will make it to the Maundy Thursday service at church this week too. See, there's lots to do to keep me busy!! (She says as yet another contraction takes her breath away...)

I'll keep you posted!

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  1. Worried and anxious, no. Unsettled? Yes! LOL To be honest, I'm glad you didn't have her last night. Next week would be good for me too. Maybe I'll have some of this emotional garbage dealt with by then...