Thursday, April 09, 2009

False Alarm!

So last night around 7:00 or so Mitch was sitting the kids down to supper. It was spaghetti and I've plain had it with spaghetti. No way I can handle the heartburn even if I liked the meal! I felt horribly anyways. I tried to join them, but soon found myself in bed...with contractions! After a while I got up and timed them (didn't go so well), then went back to bed and tried to sleep (didn't go so well). I repeated this up-down process a couple times before deciding it *must* be labor. The contractions were around 3-4 min apart and lasting a minute or so. I called Kristin and headed to bed once again. I got about an hour's sleep with terrible dreams. After that I couldn't go back to sleep. Finally at 3 am I was just about wrapped up in all the anxiety I could handle and got Mitch up. We headed out the door to the hospital. I needed to be monitored and checked just to see "what's going on down there." After jumping through the hoops (and having contractions seem to vanish), I finally got the big news--still 3 cm, but maybe a little more effaced. I was ready to go back home, after hearing it officially I was sure I could get to sleep. The doctor asked me to stay for another hour, walk the halls, then be checked and monitored again. I was still 3 cm, but I was having regular contractions. They seemed nervous to send me home, but I assured them I would come back "in time." We made it home right at 6 am, barely a minute before our first daycare family arrives. No, we didn't call off daycare for the day. I wanted to be sure that this was really going to happen before we did, and I'm glad we didn't.

Mitch took over pretty much everything this morning while I got some sleep. He has been my knight in shining armor!! I've still had occasional contractions, but moving around or changing positions usually throws them off, so they're relatively easy to deal with. I have kicked my "to do" list into high gear and trying to get a few more things checked off so I can really be "ready."

I've never had a false alarm before where I actually went up to the hospital and then came back home, so it was a weird feeling. You can bet I had some anxiety. I did have a suspicion though, we didn't even take the bags inside with us. ;) My nurse was very, very sweet (yay!) and reassuring. I didn't feel embarrassed one iota. It was so nice. I'm actually very relieved to be back home and NOT in labor, but I've had a lot of explaining to do!

We'll keep you posted for the real deal...hopefully it will be next week!


  1. I had false alarms with my 1st and 2nd baby. They are kind of nice in that they really do give you a kick in the pants to tackle that to do before baby comes list. Can't wait to hear when it's the real deal(even though obviously my guess was ridiculously far off)!!

  2. Glad you're getting things done! Can't wait to see the dresses. Now, to get mine done! LOL