Monday, April 20, 2009

Grandma & Grandpa are Here, Baby is Not

Grandma Karen & Grandpa Marc, Mitch's mom and step-dad, arrived on Saturday! The kids are so excited to have all the extra attention. It takes a lot of patience to put up with 6 short people talking loudly all at the same time and climbing on you in the process. Karen & Marc always seem to handle it well. I have been excitedly giving instructions on what to do with diapers, how to do laundry, where the dishes are and that the dishwasher is only used for rinsing, what's on the menu, what the rules are regarding "screen time," etc, in the eventual hope that we will abandon the 8 of them and go to the hospital to meet our newest.

We had a good weekend. I got more grocery shopping and errands done, even though I'd hoped LAST weekend was my last grocery shopping trip this pregnancy. I wasn't a very happy shopper. There were too many people out, and too many of them stood in my way. :) The weather was nice and we got a couple walks in. I was disappointed to wake up Monday morning still pregnant and needing to do daycare with our family here, but it's par for the course! I am extremely irritable right now. Just a few minutes ago I "caught" Mitch eating one of my blueberry Activa yogurts from the fridge and I just about bit his head off. "Those are for after I have the baby!!" I yelled. (I tested positive for group b strep, so I will have to have antibiotics during delivery. Therefore I planned on some probiotics for when I come home.) There are two large boxes of "light" yogurt (gross--Hope bought them) in the fridge that he can eat to his heart's content. And why does he always have to eat the blueberry??? That's the only flavor I like and he knows it (doesn't he?)! :P So yeah, I'm irritable.

We may head to the library this morning, if I can stand leaving our two daycare babies with Mitch...hehe...I could obviously use a couple good books to lose myself in for a few days. Only I have NO idea what I'd like to read. Oh well. The good news is I should have time to read--the kids are officially done with school for the rest of the month...unless the baby doesn't come soon, then I may make them go back to work. :) Yeah, irritable. :)

39 weeks tomorrow and I'll have a doctor appointment. I'll update afterwards hopefully! This will be only the 2nd time ever out of 7 pregnancies that I've made it to 39 weeks. Uff Da, what a milestone! I know that I'm not "overdue" technically, but since we have definitely passed my "expected" date, I definitely FEEL the same as overdue. By "expected" date, I mean that I averaged the number of days early that I delivered each of my kids--that number was 10 days early--therefore I expected to deliver by the 18th. Ugh. I'll be ok as long as the anxiety and desperation feelings stay away!! I think I do have one valid concern--Malachi was 9 lbs and 10 days early. His size made delivery more difficult and contributed to the bleeding I had afterwards. I'd really, really hoped for a smaller baby this time. I can't help but say I'll be disappointed if she's over 9 lbs just for the simple fact that I feel like I miss out on the "small" baby, but also my anxiety grows thinking about the other difficulties. Pray for a small (you know, 7-8 lbs) baby!! And a calm momma. I'm taking alfalfa along with my prenatal vitamins and iron supplements to hopefully help with bleeding. I could use some good, restful sleep too!

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  1. Oh boy do I know how you feel as far as "expected" delivery dates. I spent the last half of this last pregnancy planning and preparing for a 36wk c-sec due to the previa only to be healed(praise God!)and have to actually wait to go into labor like a normal person. argghh.. It's tough when we set ourselves up for one thing and God hands us something that we did not plan for. As for praying for little. I can't bring myself to do that for you. Little is scary. I most definitely will pray God's best for you though. No matter what, He's in charge(which He seems to be reminding you). I'll also be praying for Mitch. :p Those last days before baby seem to wreck havoc on the mama's temperament. One way or another, she WILL be here soon. {{{BIG HUG}}}