Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday--14 again

So after a weekend (sort of) on the lights, Tirzah's bili count is still 14. Mitch got to talk to the doctor, and that was pretty sweet listening to his version of how things are going. :) He told her all about the fussiness and not being on the light much. Told her that feeding still isn't "easy" and I'm doing the syringe still. Also that she'd had lots of poopy diapers that are watery more like diarrhea (though it's always so hard to tell with a breastfed newborn). He pretty much covered all my concerns! Dr. Tjaden asked us to take her for another bili draw tomorrow and then bring her by the office for a check. She didn't *specifically* say that Tirzah has to stay on the light, but I assume that's what she intended. I think she's just being conservative. I decided I won't feel guilty if I'm holding her instead. And by the way, she's sleeping on the light right now.

I am still waking her about every 2 or 2.5 hours during the day to feed. Last night, though, she slept for 4 hours the first stretch and 5 hours the second. I'm so naughty!!! I know I need to set an alarm, but when I'm tired it's hard to motivate myself. I've been taking catnaps throughout the day, but when night comes I still sleep like a rock. Her poops have less of a green color and more of an orange or yellow-brown color today. They also haven't been watery in the sense that they were. This is good. So hopefully we are on the right track with getting the milk balanced out (hopefully that was the issue causing such fussiness and so many poopies over the weekend). Yesterday afternoon I started to see significant improvement in her demeanor, then I sat down to call my sister and Tirzah decided to throw a fit. We're playing this delicate balance between deciding when to nurse and when to syringe and when to just give a nuk. Nipple confusion is something that is affecting her mildly at this point, and I hope it doesn't get any worse. There are so many variables--when she starts crying I sort of go into this mode where all I want her to do is stop and I can't think as clearly about what to do. If I give her a nuk, I'm increasing our chances of nipple confusion. If I nurse her, she may only be "comfort nursing" and will overfeed, contributing to the milk imbalance, thereby in the immediate present comforting her but causing more fussiness later. Or it is also possible that she didn't get in a good feeding at the last feeding, and it's time to give her the rest of the milk through the syringe. Then there is the factor of needing to let her nurse on demand to in order to establish a good milk supply and a successful breastfeeding relationship. After all this, she still may not calm down and be satisfied. Trying to figure out what she needs most in that instant is difficult. Hopefully today we can get a better grasp on it. Ah, the joys of a newborn!!


  1. Isn't it amazing that even after several baby's we just can't seem to figure it all out? It just baffles me! I'm glad things are going better and will continue to pray that it will continue to improve! Try to resist the urge to over-analyze. :)

  2. It just goes to show her individual personality, and she is going to keep you guessing for a very long time!! Don't worry about the sleeps, as I'm sure she would let you know she is hungry enough to wake you with that cry of hers. I felt so guilty with Angel sleeping all night so early on, I would wake him up just to feed him so I wouldn't feel guilty. As it turns out, he is a much happier baby getting his sleep than me poking at him all the time to eat. Now it is a blessing for all of us that he is so relaxed enough to fall asleep at 6:30 and not wake up until 4:30-5:00ish. So get the rest you need, I know the pumping thing is a pain in the neck, but she may need the sleep more. Kristin is right about analyzing things, but she didn't live with dad, so I know how that goes too. :) Dago is forever reminding me to stop. Well, I need to get out of here and get ready for the oven of a job I work at. Call me if you need anything!! Love you all! Carrie