Sunday, April 12, 2009

Resurrection Sunday (and a little nesting)

He is alive!!

We are thrilled to celebrate the most important event of all time today--the tomb is empty, Jesus is alive. We're looking forward to going to church together as a family this morning. We marked our holiday by watching The Passion of the Christ on Friday night. This morning we listened to some of our favorite songs on youtube. We had breakfast together. The kids also got some candy. :) Later today our friends (Kristin & family) are coming over for supper and we'll all play outside together.

I've been trying to use my time productively since the baby is not here yet. :) A little nesting perhaps?

I made Eden a dress I'd planned on making last year. :) I had some extra fabric left over and sewed it to a onesie t-shirt for the new baby. This was a frustrating project for me, though, I'm so good at sewing diapers and SO bad at sewing clothing! There are lots of mistakes when you look close enough. :)
I got some diapers made to sell in my store--yay!!
I got these last two boys' hair cut finally!!
I've also got lots of laundry done and put away, plus some other things organized. Very good!

Please say a prayer for Josh. He's on day 5 of a fever with runny nose and cough. It still appears to be just a simple virus, but he's doing a lot of sleeping. He's staying well hydrated, just obviously feels very crappy. :'(

And finally, doesn't Micah look handsome???


  1. we will pray for Josh. You rearranged the living room too!!! NESTING!!tantstai

  2. It was so fun to get together yesterday. Nothing like time with "family". :) I felt so bad for Josh! Sweet boy.

    Eden's dress looked great... and the "errors" are nothing obvious. Just obvious to you. :)

  3. Hi Steph. I don't know if you do blog contests, but this one is for WAHMS

    Thought you might be interested.