Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Update

It is cold, wet, and rainy here today. We need the rain, but it sure is dreary!

Yesterday Mitch and Marc installed a new front door for us. Isn't it pretty? It's not quite done yet, needs to be adjusted or something, but that will have to wait for a warmer, drier day. Our old door had been "going" for a couple years now. We barely made it through this past winter. It wouldn't stay latched shut, and had to be deadbolted all the time. That makes it a little inconvenient with kids coming and going literally ALL the time.

Today they are rearranging our laundry room. When we first moved in, we had it set up to accommodate 2 washers and 2 dryers. We still needed to live and learn, and what we did NOT do right was we did not install a separate vent for the second dryer. Therefore it never worked out quite right. A second washer is pointless without a second dryer (or a clothesline), so today they are putting it back to the way it was. This includes some rewiring and a little duct work. In the end we'll be using our laundry room space more wisely--that'll be great! Ok, so 2 huge projects down. I know Mitch has a long list. It will be fun to see what else they accomplish. I think we'll be starting back daycare on Wednesday (though I wish it were a little bit longer, this seemed like the best).

Not the picture you expected to see? Wanted to see pics of baby Tirzah and hear updates on HER? :)

Here she is yesterday wearing the most adorable cloth diaper ever. :)

In the picture above, she is laying on my bed in front of the window with lots of natural light coming through. In the picture below the window is darkened and we have only the light of the room and the light of the flash. Quite a contrast, isn't it? Her skin looks pretty darn yellow/orange. :( :( :( Please pray for a lower bilirubin number on Monday morning.

I'll be totally honest. Starting on Friday night she turned into miss crabby pants. She screamed every time I tried to lay her on the bilibed. I tried for over 2 hours--it was a weird cycle of nurse, get her calm, change her diaper, lay her down, she gets mad, poops in her pants (over 5 times!!), and we start over. By midnight I was exhausted and gave up. Into my bed she went and we slept for 4 hours straight. Bad and Bad. Right now she needs to be on the light, I know, and she also needs to eat every 2 hours. But what more can an exhausted mom do??? Saturday wasn't a whole lot better. Each feeding "session" would consist of more of the same, and it usually took over an hour to get her fed and calm enough to be back on the light. Then I had to decide when to wake her to feed her--how long do I let her go past 2 hours just to get the benefit of being on the light??? It is so frustrating. In the end, she was only on the light for about 7 hours total on Saturday. Our goal is 20. Saturday night ended the same as Friday--after a 2+ (nearly 3) hour crying fest, into my bed she went. I tried, I really did. I even started earlier. I got into bed at 11:30 pm.

I've been doing some research and I have reason to believe that she has a foremilk-hindmilk imbalance. What this means is she's getting lots of the low calorie-low fat, high lactose foremilk and not enough of the good high-calorie, high-fat hindmilk. This is consistent with the fact that she STILL doesn't stay latched on to nurse for very long during a feeding, and insists on having the "fast" milk that comes at the beginning. It is also consistent with the green watery frequent stools we are getting (seriously, 5+ in 2 hours???) and all the fussiness between/during/after feedings. Lots of burps and gas. So there are lots of different things to try to fix this. I told Kristin that I hate trial and error. I like trial and correct. :) The first thing I'm going to try is I'm going to offer her only one side during a feeding. When she loses interest and I can't get her to keep going, then I'll pump that side and give her the milk through a syringe immediately. It seems like the most logical thing to do.

As far as time on the light today, Sunday, well it's not much better than yesterday. With the rainy, cloudy weather we're not getting help from the sun either. So those are our continued prayer requests: feeding and jaundice. Thank you!!


  1. The new front door looks great! As for starting up daycare again on Wednesday... you're nuts. Yup, that's my official position. Tim agrees. I know, you didn't ask for my advice. :) Certainly we will continue to pray for you and Tirzah as you work through the current issues, and for your family as you transition into a family of 9. Love you!


  2. Yes, we're nuts. I thought about it a *little* more and here is what we finally decided: we called the dc parents and let them know that we'd be available anytime from Wednesday on, but that we'd prefer to wait until Monday. Everyone so far said yes. I'm SO relieved!