Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday -- Down to 12

Well, our number is down to 12 today, so we can ditch the light--hurray!! Her weight is fine. We weighed her 3 times and decided on 8 lbs even. :) Dr. Tjaden suggested Mylicon drops for her evening/nighttime fussiness, and then I remembered Gripe Water. So we stopped and picked up both on the way home. Mitch went with me today and he didn't even pass out when they pricked her heel (though he did get a headache, lol).

Today is a beautiful, warm sunny day (well, if you can call 52 degrees warm), so we are going to go enjoy it. Yay--she gets to wear CLOTHES today!!!


  1. Yay, baby!

    Poor Mitch. :( LOL Glad everything is smoothing out over in your neck of the woods. :)

  2. I was so thankful to steal a couple hours of your time yesterday. I miss you terribly when I haven't seen you for a couple days! lol Since you have entered my life and our family, you have become an incredible inspiration, an invaluable confidant, an amazing teacher, a true friend, and loving sister to me. I count myself lucky to have your unconditional love, and definitely unworthy. As I have always said, I am grateful God gave my beautiful nieces and nephews such wonderful mommy and my brother a lovely wife. Make sure to get online and watch the sermons. We do have an outstanding pastor! Love you!!!

  3. We suffered from evening fussiness here for a few weeks too. I had heard about Gripe Water so I went and got some only to find out that it has an awful awful taste. I tried it once and was met with a huge fit and the stuff spit back at me. We had much better luck with the Mylicon.

    I'm glad to hear that her numbers are down and hope that you can get into a normal routine soon without all the worrying.