Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Finally a free minute...

...although, I should be waking my baby up to eat!

So far our first days back to daycare haven't been too bad...I'd say pretty much right on normal. Our kids are back to school and back to their same old ways--falling behind! Argh! At this point I feel like just letting them. Hey, it's up to them--when they're ready to have summer break and be done with my nagging, they'll get the work done! I wish that were true. I know that if I don't stay on them, we'd drag this out through all of June. =P

We are doing standardized testing with the kids. In Minnesota, homeschoolers are required to test 1 time every year. We didn't do it last spring, so we did it in the fall. We don't want to be on an every-fall schedule, so we tested again this spring and won't test again (I think) until next spring now. Anyways, we did a very BAD thing in testing them at the end of their 2-week break instead of at the beginning. Eden was lazy and didn't work out any of her arithmetic problems on scratch paper. She did them all in her head instead. From what I can tell she missed over half of them. I was SO disappointed--this is the child who makes straight A's in math on much harder problems. Sigh. It's just a test, right??? At least she admitted her laziness and got back on track (hopefully) for the rest of testing. We'll see how those results come out. It's not like it's the SAT or anything. :) Ahem.

I'm very happy to say that Tirzah is doing much better with her eating. I'm still waking her to eat, but I don't have to stand on my head to get her to latch on and nurse now (at least that's what it felt like with all the pumping, shield, syringe business)! She's peeing and pooping really well. She peed out of two of my cloth diapers yesterday and had to have wardrobe changes--so that's a good sign. I can't believe how much her face has changed since she was first born. Apparently she had some swelling and puffiness in her face. Also it was covered almost immediately with newborn rash/acne. I've had kids get that before, but not immediately. Thankfully it went away almost as suddenly as it came, a few days after we were home. Her cord fell off on Saturday night, although I'm SURE it wasn't ready to come off. Every time I would change her diaper her belly button would be bloody again. I wouldn't call it "active" bleeding, but it did concern me. Today it hasn't bled at all, so I think we're on the mend. Now that she's got a belly button, we can move on to some of my diapers that don't have a cut-out for the cord (a pattern modification I wish I had time to work on). She is still sleeping really well at night. She tends to have a fussy period each day, but is fairly calm and content the rest of the time. I'm finding that a nuk (our favorite is the wubba nub) helps us get through the fussy times. That and just going to bed. :)

Here are some pics (click to enlarge)!

This was another of the projects Mitch worked on with Karen & Marc. Kristin & her hubby led the way by making a new toddler bed for their daughter (got to go see pics on their blog). While ours couldn't be built with scrap lumber (mainly cause we didn't have enough) like Kristin & Tim's, I'm still pretty excited. Ours is still not finished--Mitch has to add 5 more boards to it, but it's getting there. It's also a *little* higher than I wanted it to be for just a toddler bed, but still lower than a regular bunk. That's good. This is Josh on the top bunk and Zeke on the bottom, but actually Malachi gets the bottom bunk. Zeke sleeps on the top bunk of the other boys' bed we have.

This was Tirzah before church on Sunday.
This is Tirzah this morning, at 2 weeks old. Showing off that new belly button and cute Pampered Cheeks cloth diaper! FYI: it's a size newborn pocket diaper--it has a cotton knit PUL (waterproof) outer, berry cuddledry microfleece inner, and it's stuffed with a shaped bamboo/cotton insert. She proved yesterday that she has no problem saturating those thirsty inserts (not a bad thing, though)! It's a trim and SOFT diaper. I love it.


  1. I was hoping you'd get around to posting pictures of the bed! I forgot to go look at it on Friday night. :)

    Tirzah is such a doll baby. :) I'm glad you finally get to use some of those other diapers!

    Well, off to calm my poor baby...

  2. Tirzah looks just like her mommy. Just yesterday, I found a newborn picture of my daughter Annalise with the purple batik diaper I bought from you. I should dig that up again and post it. It was darling.

  3. She is such a darling little thing. Love that diaper.

  4. I wish you would have told me about the rash. I used a baby toothbrush to get rid of Angel's. Good job on the beds, did you use the family tools?? ;) The outfits are beautiful! Can't believe all that hair though. Was thinking about calling you tonight and asking if you were pregnant again!! I'm terrible I know. Well, gotta run. Love and miss you all!! Carrie

  5. She is a doll baby!