Sunday, May 31, 2009

I made a nursing top!!

I'm so excited!! I had previously been frustrated with my wardrobe, and also been told by Mitch that I'm not quite as discreet as I "used to be" while nursing (explain that one to me!). Hmmm... So I started shopping for nursing clothing and was easily disappointed. Since I'm a bargain shopper, there was no way I was going to fork over $20+ for a top that would possibly shrink or fade or stretch in the wrong spots or not be any more discreet than what I normally wear. I had two options: either get myself to a store where I could handle the shirts firsthand, or make it myself. You should know me well enough by now to know what I chose. :)

Google landed me on the blog of someone I used to "know" when I was learning to sew cloth diapers. She's a very talented seamstress and a dedicated mom to boot. Here is the blog post with instructions for the top I made: Twist Top with a Twist. I started out slightly handicapped, as her instructions begin "start with a t-shirt pattern." I have none. I did score a cute, basic, Old Navy t-shirt from the thrift store last Monday, so I grabbed that one out of the laundry bin (yep, wore it already) and traced it. The sleeves were harder than I thought (note for the future). Otherwise, I proceeded to practice with some fabric I didn't care that much about and ended up with this great nursing shirt!! I think you can probably figure out where the nursing access is. I wore it to church today. :)


  1. Great job! You have a gift.

    I never found a nursing top for less than $60. :-(

  2. I know I already commented on FB about your shirts - but I didn't realize you didn't have a dedicated pattern for this one! Wow - and that twist is intriguing - how did you put that together? nice work!

    When I brought my maternity clothes to Once Upon a Child to sell, they informed me that they no longer buy/sell mat. clothes but to bring them to Clothes Mentor next door (in St. Cloud). I wonder how their prices are secondhand?

  3. Thank you! I just followed the instructions, really, Rowena is the genius behind this pattern. And to be honest I sewed it together wrong on my first try, but looking at her pictures I quickly figured out my error. Nothing a seam ripper couldn't fix. :)

    I really need to pop in at clothes mentor and see what they have to offer! I recently read an article that featured them in a MN Women magazine. The article also featured a cool sounding consignment store over in Sauk Rapids (though it sounds high-end, so maybe their prices are high-end also?).

    Before I made these tops, I really haven't ever had on a nursing top that I *loved.* Either they're not flattering, or the layers stick together requiring some weird acrobatics to get to the opening. So when I searched on ebay for used tops, I really only saw "more of the same." With the exception of newer styles--which are high priced.

    After being completely depressed about my wardrobe a week ago, I'm starting to feel pretty jazzed. :)

  4. Aren't nursing clothes just hideous? All the tops I've ever seen look exactly like maternity clothes with oddly placed openings. Nothing discreet about a shirt that screams, "I'M NURSING!"
    Both your shirts look great, though. I like that they are fitted at the bottom and don't look maternity-like.
    Personally, though, I have invested in black, brown and white nursing tanks and I wear one under normal shirts whenever we got out. I find it to be much more discreet than anything else I've seen/tried. I have two Target ones and one Glamourmom. Not a fan of the Glamourmom. It's got weird slit things that never seem to line up right. The tank keeps my side/back/belly covered which is what I'm generally most worried about. I've actually been walking around church feeding Elle and had people ask to hold her. *giggle* Umm... sure... as soon as she's done eating, lol! So, it must be pretty discreet if they can't tell what's going on. :p

  5. Oooooh, I want to make a nursing tank, too. I made some maternity tanks that would actually work *really* well, I just need to buy some clasps and with a simple modification I'll have it done for only a few bucks. On the other hand, maybe I just need to check at Target. :)