Thursday, May 14, 2009

Malachi's World

Remember me saying that Malachi is a budding photographer? (Maybe a camera thief is more like it). It's so funny because my camera always has hundreds--literally--of photos on it that he has taken. One day I began to wonder if it would be possible to glean anything at all from his photos. A view of his world perhaps? He definitely takes pride in his work (I'll have to video him for another blog another day). He loves to snap a picture then quickly turn the camera around for us to see. We have been working hard at pointing at the subject. Below is a "best of the best" slideshow I've put together. See if you can figure out what things are. I'll give you a couple hints:
1) He loves to take pictures of his own feet.
2) He's kind of short, so he gets lots of pictures of everyone else's feet.
3) Look for the somewhat-adorable "self portraits," especially the ones he took in the mirror.


  1. Too cute. :) I'm thinking maybe he needs his own sturdy little camera! What a fun thing. I absolutely love it!

  2. I was just looking at the pictures Malachi took with my mother-in-law, and in the background of one of the pictures of Caleb I realized you had my blog post about the toddler bed up on the computer. LOL


  3. Too funny...that's why some pictures should NOT be cropped!! Mitch and Marc were looking at the pic of how your bed was made to decide how to make our bunk beds. They didn't use the free online plans at all.