Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pinkeye (No, I'm not talking about how much pink we're seeing these days)

So we officially have 3 kids with gunky eyes. Lots of kids with runny noses. And one kid with a nasty infected ear. That would be Josh, Malachi, and Tirzah with pinkeye, almost all the kids with runny noses (Tirzah included), and Josh with an ear infection. It's been many long months since anyone has been diagnosed with an ear infection. Score! (Yeah, right). We've been sharing with daycare children, too (why not?), and some of those guys are sick. Ick.

Happy 1 month, Tirzah!!

On the upside, I think I get to go see the new Star Trek movie tonight. Whoot!


  1. Enjoy the movie, Steph, it is GREAT!!

  2. That stinks that so many are sick! :(
    Yay, that you get to have a night out with your hubby though!!

  3. So sorry about the sickies! Did you get to see the movie? Was it as good as you hoped? I talked to Tim about Monday but don't have a difinitive answer yet. I'll let you know... :)