Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Time to see the dentist!

It is time for everyone to go have cleanings. Everyone except Malachi (and Tirzah...obviously for her). I think that given Malachi's personality, he's not quite ready to go. Perhaps in 6 months he can join the rest of the gang. We stormed into the dental office today creating a flurry of attention. I love our dentist. We have been going there ever since Micah was 3 years old (wow, that means almost 9 years). They take very good care of the kids, and everyone is so friendly and encouraging. I had the oldest 5 with me for cleanings, and Tirzah along just because we had to for daycare numbers. I left Mitch at home with 6 other kids. No one had any cavities!! This is huge to me. I had lots of cavities as a child and have very large fillings in my molars (only one crown, but I feel doomed to have more before my time is up). I'm so glad my kids have been spared thus far. (It's also worth noting that no one has had to wear glasses yet, in spite of bad genes all around--we always prayed they'd have my eyes and their dad's teeth!). Micah has a slight crossbite and they are going to fit him with a retainer to correct it. Wow. Simple as that. No braces! Eden has had a retainer for about a year and a half but she got permission to give it up now--her teeth look fantastic. How exciting!

I go see the dentist on Thursday and Mitch's turn is next week. I'm sure he'll get a clean bill and I'll come away with something terrible. After this we all head in for doctor's appointments (regular checkups). Heh--even the vehicles have been scheduled for oil changes and tune ups! Guess you can figure out pretty quickly what we're spending our tax return money on. :)

It's not all bad--Mitch bought a new grill (the first regular sized gas grill we've ever owned), and a new tool chest thingy (he has spent HOURS today playing with his tools). He got incredible deals on both of them.

Today Tirzah is 4 weeks old!! She is simply beautiful. She's eating and growing really well. She gets pretty gassy and crabby every now and then (usually once or twice per day), but balances it out by sleeping some nice long stretches for me. It's so cool to be able to get things done during the day AND get sleep at night. What a blessing she is! I'll be sure to post some pictures later this week...I don't have the camera beside me right now, and laundry is calling. :P She sees the doctor on Friday, so it will be fun to have a weight update then. I don't have any doubts that she's growing well.


  1. lol We've had a few good dental appointments along the way. Thankfully Jakey hasn't had any cavities yet *knock on wood*, but Daniel is my candy freak, so he's had one filling. Both of my boys are headed for braces, we're pretty sure, because they both have their Dad's crowded mouth. Ugh. As soon as Daniel's lost a couple more teeth, he'll be fitted for a retainer to get the ball rolling. I do NOT look forward to those bills!

  2. Yeah, the retainer that Eden had was so cool--it had a crank in the middle, and we cranked it twice a week. This pushed the teeth outward in a sense and gave them a lot more room. I guess I can't guarantee that she won't have braces, but what I'm seeing these days is that kids her age (around 10 years old) are getting braces--I remember I didn't get mine until high school. So I figure if they're not mentioning them right now, we're doing well!

    One cavity is definitely not bad!! My sweet tooth, now that is something to be reckoned with! :)