Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tirzah's Dedication

It was too cold for her to wear the dress I wanted, so this was her outfit. The white blanket is one that all of the kids except Micah have had for their dedications. I made it when I was pregnant with Eden.

This is our pastor praying over Tirzah.
This is another pastor praying for all the babies & families being dedicated (there were 7, including 2 of Kristin's babies).

Tirzah slept through the whole thing, then through the sermon, and woke up briefly as we were getting in the car but went back to sleep until we were home--yay!

She's 3 weeks old today...I can't tell how well she's growing. Everyone else says she's growing, and everyone also says there's no denying who she belongs to. What does that mean??? :) I'll probably try to get her in to the doctor next week for a 4-week visit.


  1. Whoa, anybody notice how Micah towers over Eden? When did that happen??? Seriously, he's only about 20.5 months older than her, less than 2 years, what's going on with that kid?

  2. She is such a doll baby! Makes me want another one! Now you need to update your picture at the top of your page with this new family picture. It's great!

  3. After I read your comment I went back to the picture. Wow!

    Tim said if Rev. Crabtree hadn't been standing in the way you probably would have seen Shi shoving a rose in his face at that moment. LOL

    I'm so excited to be back online!!

    Oh, and thanks for the book reviews. ;) Maybe I'll get that "corny" book to read with the kids on my trip next week. It might be nice to have something that's the same for them every day since we'll be sleeping somewhere different almost every night!


  4. Just another post so I can follow comments. LOL

  5. LOL, funny Kristin, I always forget to do that on other blogs. I haven't returned the book yet, but I need to do that! :)

    Tara, you're right, you'll have to have another one! What a blessing they are!! :) I'll have to get some more pictures of her in your outfits. :) I have to admit I'm hoping for a better family pic, though...Mitch has some kind of weird non-smile going on and he said that Tirzah looks like she's been shot. (HE said it, not me!!! LOL)