Tuesday, May 26, 2009


We had a great weekend! It's been busy around here. Mitch's birthday was on Sunday--he turned 33 while I still remain a lovely 29. :) Ok, so that's a lie about my age, but it's a fun one. On Saturday we had dear friends from Crown College come up to visit us. Mitch enjoyed playing a few hours of basketball with Al (and some other guys he pulled together), while Barb and I enjoyed visiting and watching all the kids. When they came home, Mitch fired up the grill (a new present) and we had a bbq feast. On Monday we had an even BIGGER gathering of friends over to enjoy some more grilling. It was a little chaotic but fun. Let's see there were the Emersons, Holly & Kyle, Geweckes, and the Bergrens. That makes 10 adults and 21 children. Huh--not too bad, 2.1 kids per person! :) We all had a lot of fun, but Tirzah became grumpy just as the food was ready. I had a very difficult time getting her calmed down--it was after bedtime when she finally settled down and went to sleep. It was hard to see her like that.

Tirzah saw the doctor on Friday. She is healthy and well despite her cold! She weighed a whopping 10.5 lbs. She's gained 2 lbs in a month--yay! That's really good. It doesn't seem like she'll be quite as chunky as the boys--whew! On Sunday she got to wear the dress I made her, and Eden wore her matching one. Remember when I made it right before Easter?

Eden is such a good helper--she knows how to hold Tirzah just the right way to get her to calm down! She can even put her to sleep. I took both of the girls shopping with me at the thrift store yesterday (everything 1/2 off--yay). Eden put her to sleep right away and she stayed asleep for 2 hours while we found lots of good deals. :)

Josh is so funny. On Thursday he was sitting on an office chair, and a daycare kid was spinning him around (not good). He lost his balance and fell and cracked his head on the corner of the hutch. We gave him an ice pack. On Monday he thought he still needed it. He calls it his "ice water pack." The backpack he is wearing is almost inseparable from him right now. He always carries it around and never lets anyone else have it. There have been many screaming matches between him and Malachi over this backpack. Oye! He has a blanket stuffed in there, a kitty, and other miscellaneous treasures. He has 3 very favorite outfits that he wears and every now and then I'll find one of those stuffed in there as well. :)

We still have a little bit of the sickies around here. On Saturday I woke up with pinkeye (how embarrassing!). On Sunday afternoon my voice disappeared. This morning I woke up with a fever blister (and still no voice) and a wet cough. I was scheduled for a dentist appointment to have two fillings redone, but those got rescheduled (oh darn). It's hard to be without my voice again. Flashback to almost 2 years ago when I lost it for almost the entire time Mitch was in Texas. I hope it gets better soon. In the meantime I'm drinking lots of water!

Oh, Mitch & I saw the new Star Trek movie on Thursday night and it was really good. I had a few beefs about it, but overall it's a fantastic movie. I enjoyed lots of laughs and wanted to come home and dig out all the old movies and watch them. :) Like everyone else says, it's a good date movie!

Well, I'm off to get some more school work done with the kids! Caleb is proud to announce that he finished all his lessons for the school year! He considered going ahead and starting 3rd grade, but finally decided that he would like a summer break after all. We would like to pull out the kids' science books and see if there are some units that would be better to do during the summer time when we can get out and explore the outside world (insects, plants, rocks). We got their standardized tests back and were pleased to see their scores improve from October to April in spite of our poor timing for giving the April tests. They each ranked "Average" or "Above Average" in all of the subjects, so we are satisfied. We won't test them again until April 2010. That's it for now!


  1. Wow! I can't believe it's been almost 2 years since he was in Texas! Man oh man, time flies! I'll bet that's just a bad dream now! I remember how hard that was for you guys.

  2. I want to come see you! Can we plan something for the end of this week? My kids were asking as soon as we drove into town last night if they could see your kids because "it's been a really long time since we got to see them!" :)

    Any idea how much Josh weighs now? He's just such a peanut! I love the pic... LOL

    Sorry we missed Monday evening at your place, but I think it was worth it for the memories. :)