Saturday, June 27, 2009

St. Cloud Parade

We went to a parade tonight in St. Cloud. We didn't bring our camera, but Hope got these great pictures for us (except the ones of Tirzah, I took those). When we left home the weather was bright and sunny. I quickly checked the temp and forcast for the evening to decide what to wear. I chose jeans. There was a "special weather statement" that caught my eye...good sized storm producing pea sized hail. Was going to the north of us, looked like it would miss us according to the forcast. We went and parked and walked 4 blocks to the parade. It was crowded and warm. We found a good spot, got situated, then Kyle brought over his phone to show us the radar map and looming storm. Cut to the end of the story: we did get a pretty good rain shower, thankfully no hail. The temps cooled down significantly and we all got soaked. It was great, but the wind was a little chilly. Of course, we just felt terrible for all the people IN the parade, especially the bands. The crowds thinned out a little, though! I just had to share these pictures:

Our kids on the curb waiting for candy (and they got plenty!). We were there with Holly and Kyle and Kyle's 3 kids, too.

Trying to stay *somewhat* was fun.

Eden and Micah and Holly's dog, Amira
My favorite display by far was that of Andy's towing. They had a very, very long string of tow trucks (more than 10) linked together, from a large rig all the way down to a small truck. They all had their engines running and horns blowing and lights flashing, it was fun to see all the drivers, too. At the very end of the line was a small trailer with a Honda bike on it. :) Driving around, not hooked up, was a small go-cart also decorated up like Andy's towing. So cute and fun.

Finally, these pics of Tirzah just melt my heart!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Camp, Father's Day, Toads, Tirzah, and more!

Tirzah was 2 months old on Sunday. Last Thursday I took her in to the doctor for a well-baby check. She weighed 11 lbs 11 oz and get this--measured over 25 in long! We think that might be a bit of a stretch, but there is no denying that she is long (just not maybe *that* long). Here is a picture of her next to my 24-in omnigrid ruler. Obviously I selected just the right angle to make it LOOK like she really could be 25 in long. :)

Tirzah wore my favorite dress to church on Sunday. Well, one of my favorites. This is one that her cousin Beth handed down to Eden, and it was one of my favorites for Eden. Which is why I saved it. I never thought it would be 10 years, and I still can't believe it's been 10 years since I had a baby girl to dress up.

My oldest three kids, Kristin's oldest 2 (front right), and Selena (middle back) all went to camp this week at Camp Lebanon. They are gone Sunday through Thursday. It's great that they can all be together. All the boys made it into the same cabin and the girls are in the same cabin/room. They love it at camp. One cool thing the camp does is has boxes labeled with each day of the week out front of the main building. So when we drop off the kids we can also put "mail" into each box designated to be delivered on that day. I wrote 12 letters, one for each of my 3 each day. It's hard to be creative and write that many at one time. :) For Monday I copied both of the boys' arithmetic sheets and put into their letters saying I didn't want them to get behind. On Tuesday I wrote that we decided they didn't really have to do the sheets, but we were saving some chores at home for them to do. And went on and on about how many chores they were missing out on. So hopefully that will keep them from being homesick (thank goodness they are not at home to do all this work!). :) I also posted every day that they should take showers if they want us to claim them on Thursday.

I remember my first time going to camp. I had signed up for 4-H camp. I couldn't wait to go. I was so excited. On the day I was supposed to leave my dad made egg sandwiches for lunch. This was NOT offensive--simply scrambled eggs and cheese on toast. How yummy is that? Well, I was a super picky eater and hadn't tried this before. I threw a fit. My dad (big ole' meanie) said that I couldn't go to camp if I didn't eat my sandwich. LOL Of course I ate it and LOVED it. I still eat them all the time. I was such a difficult child.

Happy Father's Day, Dad, I love you so much. You mean so much to me!! I wish we could see each other more. I have you with me every day in spirit.

Mitch was mowing the lawn on Monday night (yay for rain to grow the grass!) and found a toad. Malachi was running around outside and we grabbed him to show him the toad. At first he was afraid of it. We got some cute video of him trying to warm up to this strange creature. "Puppy" was what it was called at first. Everything is a puppy until it gets a proper name, and then sometimes it is still called a puppy. Much to my chagrin (and apparently the toad agreed), Mitch told Malachi to give the toad a kiss. This is what happened...

Mitch put Tirzah and Malachi in the swing together yesterday. It was SO hot outside (good for our kids at camp on the lake). They couldn't keep their eyes open!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Love & Respect

Mitch & I have been watching the Love & Respect videos (Emerson Eggerichs) again lately. We wanted to get a group together, ahem, but "wanted to" never formed good plans. :) So we thought we'd watch them anyway. I woke up this morning to Mitch chuckling at his computer screen. He just had to show me this one (it's short, you can watch it). Oh, and it's Tim Hawkins, not Emerson. Good idea on what NOT to do:

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Zeke started Kindergarten at homeschool and is attending 4 days per week. He will learn to write in cursive, because A Beka's curriculum for cursive is WAY better than manuscript in 1st grade and beyond.

Tirzah loves to stick out her tongue (and her brothers & dad love to do it, too) and give us the little "half smile."

Friday, June 12, 2009

Sweet Baby Pics

Just snapped these this of my favorite outfits!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's a busy week!!

I have been working my tooshie off this week. I've been around, just not able to blog. I'm back to writing blog entries in my head again. Wrote some good ones, I'm sure. ;)

The big news is I am about 95% done with my next set of patterns (and that's where ALL of my free time went the past week). I picked up the first run from the printer today. I made some errors I noticed right away. :) Yay for proofreading. Though it really should be done BEFORE you pay someone to print for you. :) The work ahead of me: update my website with photos and information, market the patterns, and organize a presale. I've been working on these on and off since the beginning of the year, but the thought and processes have been there for several years now. It's incredible to see my work reach this point. I need to get braver and seek some other marketing avenues for the patterns. You know, like asking my local fabric store to carry them. It's worth a try, right??

It's too late tonight to try to catch up and get some of those blogs out of my head. It will just have to wait (or be forgotten). I suppose I could leave you with a joke. The kids are so cute and say some of the funniest things.

It was the night of Malachi's second birthday. We had Holly and Kyle, her fiance, over for cake & ice cream. We were all done and just sitting around talking. Malachi pushed a chair over to the counter and climbed up to help himself to more cake.
Mitch told him gently, "Malachi get down."
Malachi flashed that little boy smile that says, "I'm cute and I can get away with this."
Kyle observed sarcastically, "Oh, you're not like a 2-year-old at all, are you?!"
Micah says, "It's only his first day."

He had no idea how well timed and funny that was. :) By all standards, I think Malachi was born as a 2 year old trapped in a younger child's body, and he's just now caught up! :)

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Everybody's Favorite Diaper

Two posts in one day--whoohoo! I took these pictures of my little girl wearing everybody's favorite diaper. Seriously, this one gets more comments than any diaper I've ever made. Everyone loves it--it's the fabric you know. Looks like melted neapolitan ice cream. Yummmmmm. I was trying to take them on my own (a little tricky), so out of 14 pictures these are the best.

Hmm, crying, what else could she possibly want/need with such a cute diaper on?
Ahh, yes, it's that time.

It's a size newborn pocket diaper with an envelope opening. The outer fabric is 100% polyester PUL and the inner is light pink microfleece to keep baby's skin dry. It's stuffed with a bamboo/cotton shaped insert. I'm nursing discreetly in my new shirt I made last weekend. I didn't feel embarrassed or the need to scramble for a blanket when a guy friend of Mitch's walked into the room, so that's a good thing. :)

One More Nursing Shirt

These are not the best pictures of my new shirt...terrible lighting, I desperately need a haircut, etc...but I wanted to share. I decided to "shop" for nursing shirts to get some ideas for making more nursing shirts. I came across a cute shirt from A Pea in the Pod for $48 and decided I had to try. I did it all on my own! I did put quite a few hours of work into it, but at least it didn't cost me $48. I made it from fabric I had on hand. All this sewing of shirts has got me thirsty to go to the fabric store to find some new knits! :)

So as I have my little "brag" post here, I was humbled today by a cool video today that my pastor posted on his blog. It's a rapper guy singing a theme song called "Don't Waste Your Life." In the song there is a portion of a verse that says this:

See your money, singleness,
marriage, talent, your time,
they were loaned to you to show
the world that Christ is Divine

What a breath-taking reminder! What am I doing with my life to bring glory to Christ? It's fun for me to put these pictures up here--"look at what *I* made, look at *my* beautiful children, etc," but the reality is that all these things belong to God. It's not by my abilities, but how He has made me and wired me and blessed me. I don't remember that often enough. I don't share Him often enough. Don't waste your life.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

2 years ago today...

...we welcomed Malachi Jude into the world!!

Birthday pictures will be forthcoming...I have to go to the dentist right now (yuck). I'm betting that Malachi will like his cake a lot better this year than he did last year!!