Saturday, June 06, 2009

Everybody's Favorite Diaper

Two posts in one day--whoohoo! I took these pictures of my little girl wearing everybody's favorite diaper. Seriously, this one gets more comments than any diaper I've ever made. Everyone loves it--it's the fabric you know. Looks like melted neapolitan ice cream. Yummmmmm. I was trying to take them on my own (a little tricky), so out of 14 pictures these are the best.

Hmm, crying, what else could she possibly want/need with such a cute diaper on?
Ahh, yes, it's that time.

It's a size newborn pocket diaper with an envelope opening. The outer fabric is 100% polyester PUL and the inner is light pink microfleece to keep baby's skin dry. It's stuffed with a bamboo/cotton shaped insert. I'm nursing discreetly in my new shirt I made last weekend. I didn't feel embarrassed or the need to scramble for a blanket when a guy friend of Mitch's walked into the room, so that's a good thing. :)

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  1. That is a cool diaper! Love the crying face!!