Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's a busy week!!

I have been working my tooshie off this week. I've been around, just not able to blog. I'm back to writing blog entries in my head again. Wrote some good ones, I'm sure. ;)

The big news is I am about 95% done with my next set of patterns (and that's where ALL of my free time went the past week). I picked up the first run from the printer today. I made some errors I noticed right away. :) Yay for proofreading. Though it really should be done BEFORE you pay someone to print for you. :) The work ahead of me: update my website with photos and information, market the patterns, and organize a presale. I've been working on these on and off since the beginning of the year, but the thought and processes have been there for several years now. It's incredible to see my work reach this point. I need to get braver and seek some other marketing avenues for the patterns. You know, like asking my local fabric store to carry them. It's worth a try, right??

It's too late tonight to try to catch up and get some of those blogs out of my head. It will just have to wait (or be forgotten). I suppose I could leave you with a joke. The kids are so cute and say some of the funniest things.

It was the night of Malachi's second birthday. We had Holly and Kyle, her fiance, over for cake & ice cream. We were all done and just sitting around talking. Malachi pushed a chair over to the counter and climbed up to help himself to more cake.
Mitch told him gently, "Malachi get down."
Malachi flashed that little boy smile that says, "I'm cute and I can get away with this."
Kyle observed sarcastically, "Oh, you're not like a 2-year-old at all, are you?!"
Micah says, "It's only his first day."

He had no idea how well timed and funny that was. :) By all standards, I think Malachi was born as a 2 year old trapped in a younger child's body, and he's just now caught up! :)


  1. I would absolutely market your patterns to your local stores! The quilt shop in Mankato carries local artisan patterns.
    I still think you should twist Mitch's arm into offering a snap service, then maybe I could make my own dipes. :D

  2. OMG! She looks so big!!! And adorable!!!
    I am really suprised you do not make boutique baby girl clothes with all of your sewing talent!!

  3. LOL...I leave the adorable baby girl clothes to you (Pam) and Courtney!! You are both so talented in that department. :)

  4. Tirzah is adorable... Is that the hat I bought? I love babies in hats. And Malachi... that's funny.

  5. Yes ma'am, it is the hat you bought! (I left a comment up there on that post). You should come take pictures of her...I have a couple more hats... ;)